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Do I need to employ someone to load up my eBook or do it myself? Hope my Fiverr concert saw on up loading e-books to ebooksstores for $5 each, she asked me how I could do it so easy and so cheap. Actually, the easy part of self-publishing is posting, and you probably already have everything you need. Here is what you should know to load up your e-book (varies by deck, but this should include what is needed for most of them, and is what I ask my clients):

As soon as the customer provides me with all this information, it is simple to copy and past it. When an issue occurs, it is usually in iBooks, based on the sleeve. On the side shown outer shell must be at least 1,400 pixel width. The envelope on the inside of the volume must be smaller (no more than four million pixels).

So if it's so simple to load up, why would someone else do it? Usually it's because they don't have an account. One of the things you need to get uploaded to iBooks is a Mac. And if you don't have a Mac, you can use Mac in the cloud for a small charge, use an aggregate like Draft2Digital or Smashwords, or ask someone to do it for you.

That' why pepole are profitable on Fiverr to artifact to iBooks for them. This requires you to give a newcomer your user ID and your login to your profile, but if you find someone with good ratings, it's not a big deal of work and you can always modify your login immediately after uploading.

A further excuse for someone else to post to post their notebook is if they are living outside the US and want to post their books on Nook Press. Well, I can see that it's hard, if not hard. Hopefully I took some of the secret (and fear) out of your posting for you and help you make your own decisions about whether to do it yourself or engage someone to do it for you.

And hey, if you need help, look at my Fiverr show.

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