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MYeBook - A young start-up that is a writer-lover You are an writer who wants to appeal to as many people as possible? Publish your books on-line is the best way to get new audiences and build your credence quickly. Digitization also means that you deserve the highest royalty while retaining full control of your work. More than ever, clever writers are asking themselves:

Which added value does publication through a conventional publisher bring? With more and more writers posting textbooks on-line, do I really want to be abandoned? MYeBook' is a life blood for an writer who has disappeared into the wild of publication. We' re specialized in everything a new writer needs to become digitally.

It is our passion to enable writers. Every awakened instant we spent to help the writers profit from the strength of self-publishing in the world of the world. All the support an editor needs to write his texts from the rough script to the sophisticated (e)book. Specialized in assisting writers in selling their eBooks on-line through a number of eBook stores including Amazon KDP, Smashwords, Apple I-BookStore, Barnes and Noble and Kobo World.

Selling and distributing eBooks through the world's largest eBook shops such as Amazon, Publishers Print on Demand and Createspace, building and maintaining authoring professionals' portals, We are living in Africa so that we see your needs as an independent publisher from outside the First Worlds. All of us appreciate that it is frightening to create and post an eBook.

It is our aim to make every stage of the online publication lifecycle easier for you.

Ebook Library - Download

The My Ebook Library is a good, free Windows application that is part of the Home & Amateur softwares section with the eBooks sub-category. It has already been installed 79,199 times since we added it to our catalogue in 2007, and last weeks number of updates was 29. On downloading, My Ebook Library is a smooth application that will take up less room than the avarage application in the Home & Amateur area.

It is a programme that is often downloadable in India, Haiti and Myanmar. It is available for Windows XP and earlier and you can get it in English only. With the recent e-book revolutions, it is now possible to have the same number of titles on your computer's harddisk as was once available in a bookcase.

I have an e-book library to help me with all these issues. With this free wallpaper app, you can quickly catalogue and organize your eBooks library.

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