My Storybook Maker

The bookmaker of my stories

Create your own picture book online with our picture book creator. Myself - Book Maker for Kids App Review Children can be taught how to make and exchange electronic music. Mys Story - Bookmaker for Children is helping children to improve their story telling abilities. During the bookmaking the children also practise to write, draw, photograph and/or speak.

The My Story - Bookmaker for Kids makes the whole publishing experience for anyone new to books. It is very straightforward to use, with clear instructions in writing, intuitional symbols and a clear graphical display. It' a very straightforward application for creating and splitting books, and it''s extremely useful for children.

The application allows children to produce a variety of printed text files, such as photographs, typed contents, speech recording and drawing files produced in the application. There is no limitation on the number of titles that people can make on this application, and you can share your book via e-mail or iBooks. You be the first to check this name.

Select to generate a new eBook, and Writing instructions tell you to touch the top of the page to name it. You can also start importing photographs, drawing, adding text and adding a speech recordin. Select Read, Edit, Release or Delete for all your ledgers on the home page. Is it possible for everyone to make a personal online library and exchange it with others?

And with MY STARY - BOOK MAKER FOR KIDS the solution is: It guides the user through the entire publishing lifecycle from the cover page to storage and distribution with easiness and convenience. If your child wants to make a fictitious storyline with their own colorful sketches, your teens love to make photobooks to be shared with boyfriends, or if you want to make a presentation-style text, photographic and voiceover with text, pictures, this application can enable anyone to make it all.

It is a great way to create a books digitally. Speak to your children about.... Family can speak about telling stories. Tell your children what their favourite tale is. Children can play with multi-media narrative. Empower them to mix their own designs with photographs, text and voice recordings, etc.

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