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my StoryMaker is a free tool that lets you work with cartoon characters to create a story. A charming online method to create stories for students. The Story Maker is an entertaining and easy way for kids to create and print short stories. With My Story Maker you can control characters and objects - and sentences are created for you! Rename your story and add text to each page of your story.

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is a free utility that lets you work with animated figures to make a story. You' re in charge - choose your character, take them on an adventure and make your own story. my StoryMaker can make phrases for you or you can type your own words.

When you' re done with your story, you can either have it printed out or shared with your loved ones. Please click on the above links to go to my StoryMaker page. When there, click on Playmy StoryMaker and then on Click to Begin on the covers of the album. Make a story about your holiday or your first schoolweek.

My StoryMaker allows the pupils to make a story of animated figures with action, object and scene. Young pupils can include items and symbols while filling in the phrases for them. Elderly pupils can enter the story first and then reanimate it later.

Even though histories can be stored, the writer has the option to go back and work on them once the story is finished. Pupils can get a command line and use my StoryMaker to build their typing and creative abilities. It can also be used to build a whole lesson story with all pupils.

Pupils can exchange their story with a parent, grandparent, etc. by emailing them when the story is finished, or by submitting the magical cipher. It' simple to use and the web adress can be used with the parent to promote home creative and creative work. "This NCDPI education provided useful ressources for some teachers throughout the state.

Due to the rapid change in resource availability, however, the National Centres of Information and Communication (NCDPI) does not determine that these are the only resource available for the purpose described in this training.".

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