My Story Book Maker

The bookmaker of my stories

Composes drawing, stickers, photos, voice and text to promote literacy and creativity in eBook format. of the Parent's Choice Award. Storiestelling is a fantastic way to promote literacy, understanding, creative thinking and self-directed learning. Build ebooks with tools for drawing, photography, voice recording, writing and sharing! Use this beautiful felt board app to create the story illustrations.

This is my history school eBook Maker from Bright Bot, Inc.

With My Story, your kids can make their own book. Story-telling is a great way to foster alphabetisation, understanding, creativity and self-directed study. This is an astonishing way to inspire your K-5 pupils. Easily add artwork, photographs and labels to your story book and movie.

To iBooks! Capture your vote on each page and tell your story to your mates, your loved ones and your families! Select from dozens of labels already in the application without additional down-loads. Split your story books on the web, Facebook and Twitter, and in the default eBook publishing formats to view in third-party applications or edit in iBooks Author.

The story is a combination of drawings, labels, photos, voices and text to encourage alphabetization, linguistic evolution and creative expression in e-book formats. You can distribute the book online, on the web, via e-mail, or directly to iBooks. The history, artwork, colors, photographs, thoughts and voices of your baby are stored forever! - A modern and sleek look makes for a great children's game.

  • Several hundreds of thousand of educators are already using My Story in their classrooms, along with their home loving family. - Easy-to use, user-friendly user-friendliness. We made My Story as easy as possible. Younger children will just like to paint and use decals. Elderly children will enjoy illustrating, adding text (with over 50 fonts) and creating more complicated textbook.
  • Decal: We' ve incorporated several hundred labels like dinosaurs and livestock to boost your creativeness without compromising your creativeness. - Background and photos: Easily create your own pictures from your own collection or take a picture with your iPad's digital still image capture software and place it on the screen. - Vocoprintings will be incorporated when your book is released!
  • Produce an infinite number of textbooks. - Access your storybook via the Internet, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and for everyone on any mobile or computer! - Write your story book in iBooks (+ applications that can open ePub files) and browse your book together with other titles from the iBookstore!

We--we adore children. Bright Bot's My Story software focuses on developing class-friendly creative applications for children. We believe that story telling is an integrated part of our teaching and we want to make it as easy and entertaining as possible! Today's AGF lists include a bookmaker, a casual games and a video clips management.

Today's AGF listing contains a jigsaw puzzler, a bookmaker and a fairy tale book.

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