My Story Book Creator App

The Story Book Creator App

Amos begins programming his first iPad app. You can share the book online, on social networks, by email, or in iBooks. Stories, art, photos, ideas and voice recordings can be saved. Email - Find the best applications for building reading and writing skills. Then create an account for each child and let them play around to familiarize themselves with the application by freely creating a story.

Top 5 Applications for National Share-A-Story Month

There is no doubt about the undeniable capacity of story telling and the capacity to unite different groups, young and old. It is an yearly festival of the powers of story telling and history and is aimed at bringing together people. This is my story book, Pirate: The Interactive Book Creator is a software available on iPhone that is ideally suited for kids from 5 to 11 years of age.

This app teaches kids the fundamentals of interactive scripts through a modular encoding system, allowing them to research a huge mix of pirates' themes and build their own story. Readers Bee Story Maker consists of two parts. First, there is a basic room where kids can interact with their reading and writing abilities.

Second, a user-defined keypad that can be used both in this app and by other programmers to help kids get started in word and phrase formulation. Rockford's Rock Opera Parts 1 to 4 app is an inspirational story by Matthew Sweetapple, Steve Punt and Elaine Sweetapple. It uses breathtaking visuals, animations and sounds to educate pupils about extinctions, the environment and bio-diversity.

It is free of generically advertised content and does not offer any in-app-sales. We like how the app allows them to experience something about another land and another cultural through an exciting and interactivity story. This book app will help your child find out what happens to Clarity's assignments while at the same time teaching them a lot about Rwanda.

The book provides expert narrative by author, actor, storyteller and web-presenter Kelly Carlin while providing text highlights to help early readership. Foto Tales is a reader application that lets your whole community remember your child through customisable storytelling. With the change of the phrases that make up the story in this app, and the addition of their own illustrations and photos, they can begin to develop their own creativity in this area.

Full -featured and with a story in free format, in-app buys can increase the number of histories.

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