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"We used to bring books that our children could look through in the church or the Dr. Office. It' incredibly easy to use and can be exported as video, book or PDF. The My Story Book Creator School Edition. Storiestelling is an entertaining way to promote literacy, understanding, creative thinking and self-directed learning.

Note: This is one of my favorite apps!

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provides a forum for story creation and storyboarding. That application is a student's favourite and with a cost tag of $3. 99, this kid-friendly application is simple to use and comes with a varieties of utilities that children can use to type and visualize tales. Comes with more than 500 typing and drafting utensils that allow children to compile their story and message through many different typefaces, colours, images and more.

Attach sticker, image uploads, background and many paint settings to make a design, starters for elementary school children who have difficulty getting in. It is very straightforward to use and for the money, a great story application for all of you. Bubbles are struck or missed and don't seem to work all the while, which causes you to get frustrated. is an easier way to do it.

Text with Book Creator is much more fun than ScriptBle as you can place text anywhere on the page. One of the great bonuses is the possibility to add soundtrack to your story. Disadvantages: The application is a little more than just ScriptBle and is simple to use, but it does not have the additional accessory in ScriptBle Background (although you can modify the page color), labels and toolbar.

Story Bird - Sign up as a tutor, build a group, load up pupils and you're all set to have your group make a story with these nice artwork! Story-telling is an entertaining way to foster alphabetisation, understanding, creativity and self-directed study. I have an astonishing history that inspires people. Easily add artwork, photographs and labels to your story books and films.

Capture your vote on each page and tell your story to your mates, your loved ones and your families! Select from tens of labels already in the application without additional down-loads. Split your story books on the web, Facebook and Twitter, and in the default eBook publishing formats to view in third-party applications or edit in iBooks Author.

  • Instead of creating a story, you can also look up a story and have the pupils answer quizzes after the story! is a relatively new feature that offers lots of interesting information on four eaves. You will find understanding and word listings for each story.

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