My Short Story

The short story

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The short story

When a long blond guy overtook me on his bicycle in early 1995, I rolled over the Brooklyn Bridge. I needed a moment to realise that this was a buddy of mine and another one or two minutes of ice-skating and shouting to get there.

Obviously I was not a bodily confusion, as roller-skating across the New York City Olympic Games and ice skating were my primary means of transport. Perhaps Yogic can give an idea. Well before, at the delicate ages of six, my mom dropped me off at Canarsie Y in Brooklyn for a week-long Yogastreat.

Going to the Jivamukti Yoga Centre on Second Avenue in Manhattan this week-end, after seeing my boyfriend on the viaduct, was another story - I was at home. The frankincense or singing was not, although I felt a strange fondness for the ape, which could be seen in many images in the middle, but a feeling of remembrance of an innocent infancy that was abandoned but clearly not overlooked.

So as not to dive too deep into my neurosis and the wellspring of what turned my life on its head, the long and short of it is that I walked out of college around my sixteenth year looking for actions and adventures driven by the writings of Hunter Thompson, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs.

I' ve been a crazed hyperextender of the legs since I was born (hyperextension is an erect motion that leads the kneecartilage beyond its regular range) and nobody has said to me not to do that in the Yoga. We were fortunate enough to work with John Friend, the author of Anusaraoga, and I appreciate two therapeutic training sessions we did with him as a stepping stone for much of my study and ensuing comprehension of the profound nuances of the intricacies of the inhumane.

It was no coincidence for me to leave early because my mother said to me that I even hate nursery schools, but I never did hate it. It just had to happen at my own speed and on my own conditions. So I got off the Anusara platoon pretty quickly and purchased a collection of textbooks on anomalies. I became obsessed with going, trying to take my own rhythmic approach from the mats into my everyday lives and turn every move into an soana.

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