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You published a book of poems in which my friends were introduced! Byron's Home to be Protected/ Atal Bihari Vajpayee's Lebensfeiern - Poetry News Août Août 20. Write your poetry. Make an e-book with your poetry for free. Store your favourite poetry, writers and contributions.

We' ll also take a look at some of the many memorials scheduled for Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former prime minister and writer who died last weekend. Densee Dichter Ancestral Home "In Gefahr" Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire, .......


the greatest author of literary works and the most important dramatic artist in the world." It is often referred to as England's famous nation-descriptor and" Bard of Avon". Included in his preserved works are some 38 pieces, 154 sunsets, two long story verses and several other poetry.

He has had his pieces interpreted into all the important languages of the world and are played more often than any other dramatist. Robert-Lee Frost was an Amerindian writer. Appreciated for his realism of country lifestyle and his mastery of everyday US languages. Frost, a much-loved and much mentioned writer, was often honoured during his own time and received four Pulitzer prizes for poetry.

Frederick Frost was borne in San Francisco, California, the son of the journalists William Prescott Frost Jr. and Isabelle Moodie. He had a Scotish ancestry as his dam, and his dad was Nicholas Frost of Tiverton, Devon, England, who was sailing.... Marguerite Ann Johnson (born April 4, 1928) was an US writer and writer who was described by the academic Joanne M. Braxton as "America's most prominent visual self-biographer".

In 1971 she was nombed for the Pulitzer Prize for her book of poems Just Give Me a cool Beverage of Water'Fore I Diiie'. The pseudonym and later the juridical name of the Chilenean writer and political figure Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto was Pablo Neruda.

His pseudonym was chosen after the famous writer Jan Neruda. In a multitude of genres Neruda has written such erotic loaded romantic poetry as in his Twenty Points of Love and a Song of Dispair series, surrealistic poetry, historic epic and open politic expression. Neruda received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

The Columbian writer Gabriel García Márquez once described him as "the greatest writer of the twentieth centuries in every language". "Neruda always writes in verdant paper because it was his own colour of hopes. Elizabeth Dickinson was an Amerindian writer. Though Dickinson was a productive privately owned writer, less than a doze of her nearly eighteen hundred.....

In 1913, the writer of Gitanjali and his "deeply sensible, refreshing and wonderful verse" was the first non-European to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. His poetry was considered spiritually and lively in interpretation; his apparently hypnotic character, his floating head of coat and his otherworldly clothing brought him a prophetic call in the West.

His" elegance and magic poetry" remains largely unheard of outside Bengal. He was an Amerindian writer, author, playwright, writer and writer. It was one of the first renewers of the then new Lithuanian artistic genre of jazzy poetry. Hughes' motherly grandma Mary Patterson was of Black America, French, British and Indian ancestry.

She was one of the first ladies to visit Oberlin..... an British writer, artist and graphic artist. Unknown during his life, Blake is today regarded as one of the most important figures in the story of poetry and the fine art of Romanticism. In relation to their merit, his prophesy should constitute "the least widely studied poetry corpus in the Anglophone language".

Allen Poe was an Amerindian writer, poets, editors and literature critics who was regarded as part of the Amerindian Romantic movement. Poe was one of the first Americans to write the brief history and is regarded as the creator of the investigative fun game.

The first well-known US author to try to make a livelihood by just written work, he led a tough financial and professional world. He was an British novelist. Along with Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley, he was one of the protagonists of the second generations of romantics, although his work was only published four years before his deaths.

Though his poetry was generally not well accepted by writers throughout his lifetime, his call to die increased and by the end of the nineteenth centuary he had become one of the most popular British writers. He was an Amerindian author, poetic author and author of novels and stories.

Bukovsky has written tens of thousand verses, hundred of shorts and six fiction and has published over sixty of these. Bukowski was named a "Prize Winner of the US Lowlife" in 1986. Walt Walt was an Amerindian writer, essays writer and reporter. He is one of the most powerful writers in the Americas, often referred to as the founder of the free versic.

In his day, his work was very disputed, especially his book of poems Leaves of Grass, which was described as indecent because of its open-mindedness. Whitman was a Long Island native who worked as a reporter, educator, government employee and - besides the publication of his poems - as a voluntary civil war-painter.

Yeats William Butler was an Irishman and dramatist and one of the leading characters in the literary world of the twentieth century.

He was the first Irishman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923 for what the Nobel Committee described as "inspired poetry that expresses the genius of an entire country in a sophisticated manner".

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