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Find out why My Own Story. Caillou and his father click on the books to see the pages of the picture. " Guess How Much I Love You" &"I Love My Little Storybook": Offstage activities. Jerry Lee Lewis: His own story. Faeries gradually bring letters to spell out your child's first and last names in this beautifully illustrated, personal fairy tale book.

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You can be the writer of your own hard cover book. Compile, illuminate and post your story and get a nice reminder book. To exit this roundabout, please use your speed-dial button to move to the next or preceding headline. Build your own hard cover story book with My Own story book.

Once you're done, submit your story (postage is in the kit) and get a nice hardback story book with professional type and bind. Now you can make your own fanciful book of remembrance. Guarantee of product: She was so upset when she got her hardback book in the post. The children really loved making their book! To exit this roundabout, please use your speed-dial button to move to the next or preceding headline.

Emmeline Pankhurst's own story

This book was concluded in 1914, at the end of the last few summers, when the army of every great European empire was mobilized for a wild, ruthless, barbaric war against each other, against small and non-aggressive countries, against defenceless females and infants, against civilization itself. In a small part of Europe, how lenient will this history of the military fight of womens against sexual and sexual discrimination be compared to the news in the dailies.

But leave it as it was wrote, with peacemaking - so to speak - and civilization and well-ordered governance as the backdrop for valor as the rest of the underworld has rarely experienced. Womens militancy has saved the survival of no man who has waged the struggle for justice. It will be clear from the moment we see what rewards are given to them.

We know that in the dark moment that has just come in Europe, the men turn to their wives and call on them to take up the work of maintaining it. Throughout all the crops, in fruit gardens and vines, she collects nourishment for the men who are fighting and for the babies who have become paternal.

Woman keep the stores open in the towns, they drive lorries and streetcars and take care of a variety of stores. If the remains of the army come back, if the trade in Europe is taken up again by men, will they overlook the role that woman so exalted?

In England, will they ignore how in all areas of their lives wives push and organize their own interests aside, not only to take good care of the injured, to provide for the needy, to console the ill and alone, but actually to preserve the nation's survival? So far it has to be acknowledged that there are few signs that the English government is paying attention to the selfless dedication of it.

So far, all state measures to overcome redundancy have been geared towards men's unemploymen. Work of the woman, the production of clothes, etc.. During the first alert of the conflict, the fighters announced a ceasefire, which was half-heartedly replied with the proclamation that the government would free all election detainees who would undertake "to refrain from committing any further crime or crimes".

After a few and undoubtedly affected by portrayals of men and women of every possible belief in the government - many of whom were never in favour of any kind of popular tactic - Mr McKenna in the House of Commons proclaimed that the government's intent was to free all election detainees without conditions within a few short time.

Thus the womens battle against the men ends for the time being. From time immemorial, they have become nourishing mother of men, their nurses and helpless helpers. We have a long way to go for the coming years, but let us conclude this foreword and this book with the certainty that the fight for the complete liberation of the woman has not been over.

If the struggle of weapons stops, if the ordinary, tranquil, rational community resumed its function, the call is made again. Unless it is approved quickly, however, the poor will return to the poor who are laying down now.

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