My own Life Story

The story of my own life

What's your story? We structure our own truth, and we alone create the history of our own life. You must not intend it to be read by anyone other than your own family. Not even had time to think about my own life. I' m working on my own life story.

Telling your own life story

What is your life story? What is your STORY? Which story did you construct from the happenings of your life? In keeping with the intriguing area of" storytelling psychology", the tales we tell about ourselves are the keys to our well-being. When you have reinterpreted the happenings of your life in such a way that you are unhappy or imprudent, it is difficult to look to the up-and-coming.

On the other hand, if you recognize that you have made errors and had problems, but are seeking (or have already seen) salvation, you will experience a much greater feeling of capacity to act in your life. You will move from victory to heartache to dullness and back again in your life, sometimes within a full working days.

So what to do with so many feelings, so many incidents? Facts count for less than the story. There was once an 18-year-old French woman called Sophie Serrano who gave birth naïve babies. She was incubated in an electric hatcher under man-made lighting and brought back to her mum four workdays later.

Unknown to Sophie, it wasn't her newborn. And Sophie called her daugher Manon. When she got older, Manon no longer resembled her family. Sophie never bogged down. More than that, Sophie used to love Manon. It knew the story of her life: her screams, her cous, her first words. Only when Sophie's man blamed her for giving mother another man's child, she went to fatherhood testing and found that her man was right (so to speak).

Well, the 10 year old was not his but not Sophie's either. who had raised Sophie's birth father's son in a city a few leagues away. And Sophie saw that her biologic daugher was exactly like she was, like Manon didn't and never would.

She had cared for Manon, Manon, whose nightsmares she had calmed, and Manon, whose tales she knew. And this other girl looks like Sophie - but what does that even mean if she didn't know her tales? The story is everything. So, what's your story? There are three groups of folks here you can tell your story to:

Sharing your story with your loved ones. I was telling my seven-year-old boy a few days ago about a story I write for children. I' ve been working on this story for month. He' s possessed by football and icehockey, and mine is a story about girl, travelling through history and being shy.

I had a story I didn't want to tell. I will share the things I make up from now on, even if they have nothing to do with footballs and ice puckers. So tell your story yourself - and make sure you tell the right one.

When you have difficulty building an sincere but affirmative life story, here is an example to help you. When you feel stronger and happier, can you think of an early part of your life? Would you like to tell us your story?

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