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Own book

Through book promotions, generous donations, lecture commitments, scholarship applications and letters to publishers and authors, we collect brand-new books. During the publication of a book in India as an author, no need to register anywhere. Teams visit every third grade class to talk about the many types of books and how to make the most of a visit to the store. Animals spell your child's first and last names in My Very Own Name Storybook! Award-winning book featuring the child's birthday and more.

Own book

It provides a single, central place for writers to find all the information and data they need to get their work done - copied sections, artwork, typesetting pages, indices, spreadsheets, and more. With My Own Book, writers and their writers or administrators can communicate with each other regardless of place and duration.

An in-depth eshboard plans and oversees every landmark between the script and publishing so that everyone working on the book is kept up to date and synchronized. As an example, a projectmanager can raise an alarm to warn the whole staff when book copy has to be sent to a meeting. Favorite traits of my own book:

Author can login to the portals from anywhere and on any machine with the associated login information. Easily accessible to writers on the Project Schedule page, which shows all the tasks they need to do and the dates. The author has the possibility to determine when they will be available or not available during the manufacturing time.

The information appears as a warning on the view page of the supervisor if he or she needs to modify the plans. Any such changes to the plan are then sent out to the writers and the remainder of the group. As soon as the PM submits a document for verification, the writer receives an e-mail message with a shortcut to the document and all related notifications.

Once the work is done, it can be retrieved by the creator via the same connection and on the same webpage. This eliminates the need to switch to a different way of transferring files. In addition to statements, the system's files verification pages also include a "To Do" and " Completed" logs so that writers can quickly see what work is overdue.

An integrated deadline alerts system helps writers meet time limits and a files repository allows writers to see all previous files transferred for their sections. During the course of the lifecycle, writers can add new material, which is then available in the archive for later use.

This system has built-in functions to organise a book into different entities and define different workflow for each entity. You can also work on more than one book or section of the same writer, who can follow all his recent work with a single log-in. Throughout the entire duration of the entire process, the system provides a mail box for authors' letters and logs all calls for later use.

And we know what a big deal it makes when all of your data transfer, communication and work can be divided into a single, clear and user-friendly environment. And we know that you and your writers will find the look and simplicity of the MOB site a pleasant, highly engaging shopping mileage!

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