My Life Paragraph Writing

Write my life paragraph

A few short paragraphs on my life. I' ve been in the United States for eight years, but I've never changed my diet. Each day I drink six or eight cups of Green Teach, but my diet is not very good. A goal means a certain goal in life. It' s important to choose a profession for your future life and to prepare yourself accordingly.

Pupils write examples: The way I live

I have a very wholesome nutrition. Every day I always have cereals and a nice cuppa. During lunchtime I am eating many different types of foods. And I like drinking it. I' ve been in the United States for eight years, but I've never altered my nutrition.

Since I work in a japanes restaurants, I always make seafood, salads and Sushi for lunches and dinners. Every fortnight I have six or eight cup of organic tea, but my nutrition is not very good. I' m working six nights a week. No. I' m going to the parks or the beaches in my spare my free hours.

I don't have a very good nutrition. I don't have a good early start to the day because I get up very early. I sometimes have muesli, but I always do. I' m gonna need a true mornin' mug. I usually get fruits for my classes, and I have my home for dinner.

In the daytime I drank a great deal of it. When I make something, I like to use it. But I' ve learnt to check my candy. I also have three or four coffees a full cup every morning. I will try to have decaffeinated coffees in the afternoons and evenings.

but I know I can have a better meal. Two or three excercises a weeks and I run a great deal every days because I don't have a vehicle. Every Sunday mornings I go to mass, I like Sunday. Sometimes I like reading before I go to bed.

but I know this is only a brief while! Sometimes I speak to them once a weeks, and sometimes I drop a note or e-mail. Lovin' my life!

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