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The protagonist of this realistic novel is Derek. In the first person written, the story lets the reader see the world through the eyes of Derek, the main character. However, creating cartoons of his vocabulary is easy. I wish life were that simple! What does Derek say he will do in the book My Life as a Book if Amy helps him do research?

Life as a book

It' s the end of it and Derek Fallon is looking forward to throwing the UPS trucks with hot air tanks, climb onto the rooftop of the car park and do stupid asses. However, when his mum and dad sent him to Learning Camp, Derek's dream of having a good time came to an end. Since he has been described as a "reluctant reader," his mother has urged him to study "real" literature - something other than his dear Calvin & Hobbes.

When Derek makes unanticipated friends and reveals a mystery of his own (in nappies! no less) he realises that adventure and surprise are around the bend, full of curvature beads. Mein Leben als Buch ist eine Bankstraße 2011 - Best Children's Book of the Year. For more information and words, please see the My Life As a..... website.

Twelve year old Derek - a reticent writer of everything but Calvin and Hobbes - would rather burn the weed with his sister's old sunlight than go after his grape harvest. The young writer's sibling illustrates words such as "impulse" and "discipline", reflecting Derek's word construction technique: "I am a parent who insists that I use this system all the times, so I usually act as if I am a peephole who is being tortures by superviolent offenders who are forcing me to practice'active reading' or to be murdered by a non-native infiltrator.

" If he doesn't make avocados shells, smart-alecky Derek will reveal himself to be an adorable wimp who likes his boyfriends, his home and his puppy and is even able to scare off friend! Encounter 12-year-old Derek, a great example of the kind of children who lovingly and desperately call grown-ups "all boys".

" He wriggles, makes garnets (with magical marking grids) out of avocadoes and especially reads unwanted textbooks. For Derek, a two month long vacation in South Africa means a two month break - until his mum and dad sends him to the Learning Camp so he doesn't waste his intellect. They do not know that Derek is a curious kid, an inventive performer and, in an pedagogical language, a graphiclearners.

Because he' s not a big scholar, Derek is a slick storyteller with a powerful, funny part. Scribing the exams and difficulties of the Learning Camp, especially in dealing with the Carly teacher's domestic animal. The young writer's son's drawing cartoons adorn the edges and not only restore Derek's illustration word list, but also reduces the amount of text on each page, making the book more accessible to children like Derek.

Dérèek says to the readers: "If my life were a book, I would have my own great adventure. "It is, and he does. Projekt or two, and looks forward to a full season of hot air blowjobs, his boyfriends and his canine. Last thing he thinks is a summers read and study camp.

but he tends to really like things like Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield. He' d probably like other textbooks too, but he doesn' t think it right that folks (say teacher and parent, mostly) confuse it with something as personal as a book vote. This fast, rather brief, generous, wide-ranging and illustrative book could be very important for many who think that writing and poetry only happen in the whole worid if you actually do it.

There' are secrets, humour and individual discoveries, all good things for a book that will especially address young people, especially young people of a certain old-aged. The book My Life as a Book, My Life as a Stuntboy and My Life as a Cartoonist are designed for hesitant mid-readers, especially those who need additional graphic assist.

Lindamood Bell's visualization and verbalization as well as the Rave-O programme by reader Maryanne Wolf are integrated into both book. They are a great stepping stone to debate how hard it can be to read, the advantages and disadvantages of readers' literature and how to make it successful.

They have been used in many city-wide readings as well as in parent-student book associations. It is one of the things we see on our journeys that the pupils illustrate their own words as Derek does in the schoolbooks. Invite your pupils to submit their artwork to this website - we like posting reader artwork!

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