My first Story Writing Book

First Story Writing Book

Purchase a cheap copy of My First Story Writing Book from Katie Daynes. Bookopylia has "My First Story Writing Book" by Katie Daynes. SUMMARY OF PRODUCT: Would you like to write a story? And this book will show you how. It is full of curious characters, unusual places and exciting story ideas.

First storybook

The book will take the kids on a trip through the story and show them how to evolve the character, draw the beginning, the center and the end of a story and make the play. Featuring funny inspirational activity such as puns, story mazes with storyline and character journal submissions, and hints for descriptive writing and using parables and methaphor.

An amusing and imaginative book that will awaken children's imagination.

The first story book by Katie Da.....

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This is a book for novices who want to tell a story but don't know where to begin. Beginning with simple puns, the book guides the young author through every part of the storytelling process. The book constructs from the creation of personalities with the help of scribbles and image instructions for the development of descriptive techniques to the writing of entire shortsheets.

A 60+ flap interactivity table book that explores all types of issues young kids ask about the environment around them. Raise the keys to find the answer to many questions: "What", "Why", "How", "When" and "Who". Offers pleasant, easy responses to demanding queries, with fun and instructive illustration.

Kids keep asking us about things and their body is an inexhaustible resource of excitement. The book has many responses and will delight inquisitive kids. The book contains responses to interesting and interesting question such as How do I olfactory things? The 30-flap guide to lifting, handwashing and health care gives young infants a better insight into these malicious, microbial and viral organisms.

This book is full of curiosity and surprise to entertain the curious, among them butterfly valves, spinnacles and a small foldout workbooklet.

It is a wonderful way for young kids to see where they come from - from human to kitten, caterpillar, and kangaroo. Small kids can raise the valves to find out how to make infants, when they are going to be given birth, what new infants need and how they are growing. This is a enchanting, age-appropriate introductory course to the facts of living that can be shared with small kids.

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