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Create-A-Book Publishing, Livland, Michigan. Birthday Wish My Birthday Wish Livre personnalisé pour enfants. Read more - Baby's Create-a-Book Personalized Children's Book. Create-A-Book personalised children's books. Make a book My Birthday Surprise.

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Warm and loved souvenir for Jews, this personalised reminder book is a constant reminder of the particular happenings around the delivery of your child and brings it home for the first family. On the back of this book you will find a place where you can keep track of the important appointments from the first smiles to the first footsteps.

The Baby's Create-A-Book is truly a coveted present that will be kept forever, and that's why it has been our best-selling book for over 30 years. Many of the books were given to their own descendants when they were young. A great present for newborn babies, christenings, Jewish nomination ceremony and first birthday parties.

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Create a Book Magic® interweaves your own data into a multitude of songs, making the kid (or adult) the celebrity of his or her own history. Below is a brief abstract and brief descriptions of some of our songs, ALL PERSONALLY with the kid or the nominee adults as the hero(s) of the film.

It is a delicate reminder of the history of the baby's childbirth and is used as a souvenir (several different editions available). North Pole has a guest when Santa Claus take the kid on an exhilarating quest to help deliver presents! A thrilling dinosaur land experience!

Also available as a funny adults game. Join a shepherdess and the silver swan as they take the kid and his mates on a breathtaking quest to find Twinkle the Elf! With ten magical keys and eleven mystical gates, the kid embarks on a unique anniversary game. Also available as a funny adults game. Contains the kid in the famous classical children's game.

Souvenirs from a baby to a mom or grandma - a great present for Mother's Day! An undenominational book that shows the baby how easily it is to worship. A humourous account of the round of the game of golf by the " nominee ". When his or her ballerina classes are performed, the children are given the lead as " Ballerina Princess ".

It is chosen to be South Africa's representative at a World Cup. End with a peculiar memory that someone will always Iove her. It is a very beloved book among a family. It' the ideal tale for any little gal out there.

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