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One of Ainsley Earhardt about her picture book TAKE HEART, MY CHILD. Following the tradition of Emily Winfield Martin's The Wonderful Things You Will Be and Nancy Tillman's On The Night You Were Born, Ainsley Earhardt's lyrical lullaby inspires children to follow their dreams and passions. Encourage your child to choose a book. Dividing books that they have selected shows you that it is important to you what they think and that their opinion counts. The request to be read shows that your child appreciates books.

Ainsley Earhardt, Kathryn Cristaldi, Jaime Kim | Official Publishing Site

Ainsley Earhardt's lyric sleeping song will inspire kids to pursue their fantasies and passion. Ainsley Earhardt's co-moderator textbook Ainsley Earhardt will share valuable lesson that a parent can share with their son or daughter so that they can share their own feelings, desires and passion. Like a lyric song, Take Hart, My Childrens is a song for lullabies, and Ainsley divides her own aspirations and desires and lets her kid know that everything that demands a lifetime, "Take my heart, my kid, I will-or, my love will-always be there for you".

In" Story Behind the Story" Ainsley speaks about how her dad writes news to her and her brothers and sisters every day and leaves a note at the coffee break so that his kids know that they are beloved, authorized, protected and appreciated.

An ancestral dream of Ainsley Earhardt, with Kathryn Cristaldi, fig. by Jaime Kim. Aladdin, $18.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-4814-6622-6

Earhardt, co-host of her first children's novel, accepts the vote of a mom who expresses her hope for her daughters and advises her baby to take chances and be indipendent. "Before you were born / Before you divided my day / I dreamt of a romantic song / Near a big stag ballet", you read when Kim, a new comer, shows a young lady and six stags dancing through a game.

Luminous illustration plays well with the text's essential reference to the natural world, and alternates with pictures of the mother-to-be and her daughters swaying from a pole, looking through a scope at the shadow of the sun and a dragon floating on the sands. Although the advices can be like syrups or over-trusted ("May you take the high street/ Through the street can be long/ Promise to keep up with your hearts/ So your hearts will be growing strong"), Earhardt's messages that you can make it are heartening.

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