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WD My Book is fast, looks good and supports a high level of encryption. The new My Book from WD is essentially the desktop version of My Passport? Apparently that's stupid; I read dozens of books in my genre a year, and I would like to write reviews for those I liked. Those are the steps I use to communicate with my launch team.

Does it hurt my chances of a positive rating if I only publish in e-book format?

Overwhelming Digital My Book Review & Review

Needs an extern mains adaptor. Featuring a full 8TB for less than $250, the 8TB Western Digital My Book is a low cost source of accessible space for your still images, audio, movies and more. 8TB Western Digital My Book ($249.99) can store tens of billions of hours worth of movie or billions of MP3' s or snaps.

Featuring a good blend of capacities, price and power, it's a must for our latest Editors' Choice externally mounted workstations. My Book is vertically aligned with older WD disks such as the 2012 My Book Duo edition, although the pages in the My Book Duo's My Passport series are more like the recently re-designed one.

You will need a replacement AC wall socket, as the My Book requires its AC adaptor (included) to work. Extractive dimensions also help the My Book house the internal desk top disk mechanisms, from 3TB ($129.99) to the 8TB we' ve used. It is intended for both the heavydownloader and the gamers who want to install an additional hard disk on their Xbox One or later this year on their Sony PSP.

The 8TB My Book is much cheaper at 99 listed prices than the Seagate Innov8 with the same capacities. That' s 3c per gigabytes for the My Book, much less than most of our recent drive tests, even the $349. 99/INFIN8 and the 5TB Seagate Backup Plus (both 4 cents), the latter our former top picks.

My Book has a unique serial port and is fully featured via exeFAT out of the case, so it works well with both Mac OS Sierra and Windows desktop and laptop computers. Thunderbolt 2, as known from the LaCie Thunderbolt 2 and the Promise Pegasus2 R2+, but these devices are specialised in creating medium contents and have a much higher price.

My Book comes with a three-year limited edition that is longer than the two-year limited edition that comes with Seagate Backup Plus. I' ve tried the My Book on both a Mac and Windows computer. The Seagate Innov8 with its USB-C port was only 115 points ahead (2,115) to put this into context.

The Toshiba Canvio Connect II achieved 1,450 points. It took 7 seconds to drag and drop our 1st 2GB test file, while the same test on the Innov8 took 2 seconds. My Book was also slightly more sluggish than the Innov8 on the Mac-based Blackmagic Disk Speed Test: 177MBps reading and 176MBps writing versus 185MBps reading and 181MBps writing.

As the take-away is that the My Book is fast enough for backups and even more specialised devices like the R2+ are better suited for use as work disks for artwork work. The 8TB Western Digital My Book is an ideal option in this respect, with sufficient storage for years.

It' more than the Innov8, the only other 8TB motherboard we've used. It' a better offer than Seagate Backup Plus, thanks to a bigger storage volume mechanic, a better price per GB and a longer warrenty. We' re confident that the My Book is our latest Editors' choice for removable desktops.

Featuring a full 8TB for less than $250, the 8TB Western Digital My Book is a low cost source of accessible space for your still images, audio, video and more.

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