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The traditional offset press prints hundreds of books at once. A publisher has no reason to release an author's work once everyone has signed the contract. " Should I find a publisher or should I publish myself? This little tweak has worried publishers very, very much. Perhaps if so, we would be interested in publishing your work and sharing God's message.


" and I believe in the law of attraction." By God's mercy my passions led me and....I drew many authors and editors! The majority of publishing houses have the intent to earn cash, but this publishing company had the sole intent of MOTIVATING and PENDER. As they will be not only you but also Guardien's, I advise every author to select them!

" "and well-designed for my first paper. Hats off to the highly polite, effective and highly qualified staff who wish them many success. "Every prospective writer who wants to publish his or her book is not looking anywhere, because MyBooks is here. It' the ideal place to study and publish your book in the most simple way.

" "Very modest employees, very co-operative human beings. As soon as you hand over the script to them, they take full responsability for the publication and commercial. All the best for MyBooks and thank you very much! "??????? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ????? ? ??? ???? ???? " " MyBooks offers the launch pad for all new writers who need the right approach to present themselves at an accessible cost.

Chauhan Sir' and'Shahid Sir' are very co-operative, pro-active and affectionate individuals with whom you can work together. I had a great time getting my first book. "They are not only publishers, they are like my ancestors. Patient and assistance are the basis of our work. I had Chauhanir and Shahid standing by me and making my first book the way I had dreamed.

" "A publisher you can count on, working for the writer to help him, not only to help him with his publications, but also to get to the public in the smallest possible way; for audiences all over the oce. A marvelous human resources group. "MyBooks is a one-stop advertising plattform that handles everything related to book and market design, editing and high-quality end products.....

When you are open to lengthen your wing, MyBooks can let you height!

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