My Book for you

I have a book for you

High-capacity external hard drive with full backup and password protection for secure storage of your digital media. These free copies were reserved for my patrons, donors and supporters. My Book About Me is one of the titles in the "Beginners Books" series for younger audiences and has an unusual interactive twist. I am going to an event; can I get a flyer for my book?

A flyer can be downloaded via the "Download Product Flyer Button" on the page of your book.

MYBOOK - External Hard Disk

Reliable and popular high-capacity memory. Save huge quantities of pictures, video, music as well as document files with My Book Desktops memory. Featuring WD Windows and Apple Time Machine compatible WD back-up for Mac, the My Book Desktops can back up your pictures, video, music files and docu. My Book also works great with Acronis True Image WD Edition for scheduling full system setups.

WD Security Suite Security?'s integrated 256-bit AES hard disk encrypting technology and WD Security? software ensure that your contents remain confidential and secure. My Book Desktops store information for tens of thousands of people around the globe. Engineered to satisfy WD's high demands for endurance, impact resistance and long-term dependability, we offer the proven My Book 3-year warranty.

The My Book Desktops memory has enormous memory capacities, so you can securely back up the data that makes up your personal data. WD Discovery comes with WD Discovery and WD Discovery to connect to favorite Facebook, Dropbox, and Google web sites for free. Protect your web by importing your pictures, video and documents into the My Book disk drives.

You can also use WD Discovery to organize your disk with WD Disk Utilities. Allows you to begin file transfers, save your reminders and back them up instantly. Comes with all the softwares you need to secure your information, with WD Backup and WD Security softwares, and is Time Machine compliant.

Enhanced Ex-FAT for out-of-the-box Windows and Mac compatible. OS: The Windows® 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 OS. Mac OS® High Sierra, Sierra (10.12), El Capitan (10.11) OS (reformat required). Please note: Interoperability may differ based on the user's computer equipment and OS and will require Time Machine reformat.

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