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The Book Creator is a fantastic learning tool for the classroom. You can use the Online Book Creator to create your personal photo book with your digital photos with Bob Books. See what your books look like on different Kindle devices before publishing. Suppose your children want to make one? iBooks author, for all its benefits, would probably be redundant.

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This is an iPhone application from Red Jumper Limited. Book Creator can be used by educators and kids as an author and publisher of multimedia-book. Every book consists of a title page and further pages. Every page is processed individually (text, for example, does not move from one page to the next) and can contain text, photographs, videos or illustrations - or a mixture thereof.

ePub publication offers functions such as playing back videos and sounds and scrolling animation. Since Book Creator can be used to upload images and videos from the Photo App, it can be used to present work that has been made in other iPhone applications that store images or videos on photographs, such as stop-frame animation from my Create or PicCollage for Kids collage.

Book Creator is now available for other plattforms, but this manual is for the iPad release (4.1 at the moment of writing). If you open Book Creator, you will usually see "My Books" in the "Bookcase" view: a book listing on your iPad. If you have never made a book before, there should be at least one, because the supplied manual is a Book Creator book.

They can be painted to the right or right if there are enough copies. Note the name and the name of the writer under the book in the middle. Tap on the book to edit the book, so be a little cautious! For example, you can move, resize or rotate your pictures. But if you are considering using Book Creator in the class-room with kids as writers, you might consider at least some of these moves.

Familiar with how to add photographs, edit text, and change type? Need to know how to convert a book to either Adobe Reader or Adobe Reader (PDF or ePub) or how to store a copy? Try easy to read book of a few pages and basic contents with your kids that can be complemented in a one-on-one session, e.g. via a whiteboard with AirPlay.

The majority of kids will profit from the specific functionality when they need it.

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