My Autobiography in Life example

The autobiography of my life example

Example of autobiography The following is an example of an autobiography in a simple format. Happiest moment of my life and saddest moments of my life. My parents, for example, are still happily married and no one really close to me has died. I have something to say in this blog. It' about me, my life, my nature and my word.

That is my autobiography, that is all about my life, my relatives, my boyfriends, my best recollections and my baddest recollections. That thing I like, the things I don't like. What I do for a living, my hobbies, my ambitions. - Group CSR health and social affairs

This is my autobiography, about my life, my relatives, my mates, my best and my badest recollections. and the saddest times of my life. My homeland, my life and my people.

Those I met in this land, the things that surprise me about it, the folks and the civilization. I have the most horrible memory of a serpent and my Sri Lankan schoolteacher, because when I was 6 years old I used to kill a serpent with my bicycle, I will never forget it, she was very hard on us in my life and my schoolteacher, one night I didn't do my schoolwork, so she beat me 10 often with a straightedge in my hand.

The best of my life is my last days in Sri Lanka and my birthdays, because I spent a whole year with my boyfriends, we went to the movies, to the restaurants, to the beach and for my birthdays, because my father bought me a bicycle for my tenth year and I went to the sanctuary for one year.

He was very good at making fun and sing in' sung. He' s always very nice to us, he takes good charge of my own life, he makes me feel good when I'm upset, he makes me feel good by telling me a lot of funny things and buying me a present.

He' s spending a lot of money at work, so he helps me with us without going anywhere, he takes us to the restaurants every week-end, and he's also the best stove, he makes us dinner whenever my mom gets sic. I am in year 10, I have many boyfriends and I also have a best girlfriend, her name was poleovitha, she is my first best girlfriend I got in London, but now she was abandoned from college, now she was in 6th grade.

They are Naveetha, Sara, Mandy, Emily, Alisha, Tamina and Laura, they are my buddies I got after Poovitha's leaving this group. They are very kind to me and have new instructors in year 10, I hates some of the new instructors in year 10, and I like having my old instructors again.

I can now talk two different tongues and I try to study English, there are many changes in my life, but I never got my land, my boyfriends, my relatives and my neighbors that the brief period of my life was the best part of my life. I am supposed to return to my own land and I want to get to know my family.

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