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Legendary autobiography example

MEINE AUTOBIOGRAPHIE, Work, Education, Personal interests, Important dates, Childhood. I' m living with my mother Kate, my brother Jake and my Aunt Molly. I have a father, Jimmy S. Ang, half Filipino and half Chinese. Writing a Biography: Rules and Examples.

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I' spent two years working at Moe's Southwest Barbecue as a teller. I got a position as a host in his place for one year in 2011. I finished my work as a Big Fin Seafood Kitchen escort in July 2012 and returned to Moes.

Twenty years in the same building until I left four of them. My Mum and Dad were diorced when I was 18 month old and I have been living with my mother ever since.

The autobiography I wrote

I can say that my whole high-classmate' was one of the happy memories of my lifetime, because in those days I made my boyfriends who have been my schoolmates since I was one year old and whom I used to treat like my siblings. I do things alone and later I could gradually have a friend again, but the only lasting thing in this worInd.

When I thought I couldn't make my own acquaintances, they became my close ones and those who in the beginning became my ones had a new group, kind of sorrowful, but that was it. Word is the lifestyle of colleges is different from high schools, I guess it must be.

I' m in a new bloc with new mates. It' new boyfriends, more mature circles of boyfriends and other schoolmates you can easily get along with.

The autobiography I wrote

It is one of the blessed moments in every human life to have a friendly and caring one. My mum is Raquel S. Estante and my dad is Eduardo Moldez Jr. My mum gave Birth to Eduardo Moldez at the Perpetual Succor Hospital and Maternitylocated in Sampaloc, Manila at 5:15am on June 9, 1987.

The years went by, we went to Palompon, Leyte especially to my dad Sabang's town. My mother considers me and my sisters as preschool ers, a very affectionate housewives, while my dad was away from home because of his work. During this period he was a sailor. You know, I still rember when I played by the sea with my sis.

When we were trying to cure the wounds of the past, my mom chose to try her luck in Batangas, my mom's home. Together with my grandma Lola Julie we begin a new live in Batangas. And so she brought us up as lone parents until we were ready from kindergarten to primary school on the way to high school.

During those few years I still don't know how difficult it would be for him. and just one particular reference. I' m enjoying the games I play with my mates. I' m one of the guys during this period. In my schooldays, I got more self-confidence to improve further, and then I do more.

It all began with competitions and participation in various clubs events. It' s even the first year I' m taking part in a vocal contest when I'm still a newcomer, and fortunately I won. I was also a part of the contestants who competed outside of college. I remember that the Funky Dance Contest was one of my greatest achievements in the world. Can I say that high school was a highlight of my whole lifetime that I will never ever forgotten, and I think everyone does.

I have learnt in those last few years that you have to be truly independent, more accountable and more ripe. The time in high schools was indeed a very demanding and yet enjoyable time in my Iife. Following the long sacrifice of my mother, who worked really well, she succeeded in building a home for us. Finally, I graduated from high schools and began to face my elected future.

As for me, I opted for the care of the sick, which was in great demand at the age. So it'?s difficult for me to choose the same profession. It' been a great experience to be all alone from home at the moment. And yet no one knows about it.

Concerning me and my sisters, we were sent to Cebu to carry on our study with my father's sisters. My mother made that decision. At first Thedialect was really difficult for me, but as I continued, I finally got used to it and used her own language. He' s asked us, along with my sis.

I spent two years of my entire career in Palompon, my father's home. When our relationships with each other became strong and tried and tested, we met our brothers and sisters Trisha Yvonne and Zabdiel Vera, our sweet little angels. Now I am following my new vision as an Information Technology graduate at the Palompon Institute of Technology, the same institute my fiance attended during his college years.... My only wish now is to finish my degree the way I always wanted... no more and no less.

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