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Shopping online for Microsoft Word from a wide selection in the Books Store. A CD is included in the printed edition of this book. Even after selecting Book Fold Word, the system automatically switches to Landscape Orientation. This is the application if you are looking for an MS Word tutorial, our MS Word tutorial provides you with the help you need to get started with MS Word. Making a book index in Microsoft Word is the best way for anyone with no professional indexing background.

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This booklet provides help in using MS Word 2013, 2010 and 2007. Learn how to use the various functions, e.g. how to create spreadsheets and notes and how to modify the styles and formats. This MS Word eBooks are intended for beginner as well as advanced learners.

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Designing books with Microsoft Word: Moriah Jovan's art

I' m betting you've been using Microsoft Word like I have for years. The most frequent complaint you get from book design professionals, book covers artists, typesetters, and some self-publishers is that you can't make a "real" book in a word processor like Microsoft Word. She prefers Word or the open sourcecode Open Office.

This eliminates book and typographical designs because they consider them to be an unneccessary cost. It' almost as if they want to make a book that doesn't look like any other book you've ever seen just to show they can. However, quiet, under the wheel, was at least one writer who used Word, but also loved typesetting, out there.

Somebody who can get Word to leap through tires that I didn't even think were there. Tonight you will see her, Elizabeth Beeton of B10 Mediaworx, who is writing and publishing under the name Moriah Jovan. Beeton/Jovan, (Jovan from here), who is involved in the Mormon writing community, uses B10 Mediaworx to release its own romantic literature and offer e-book converting service to other publishing houses.

She makes her own designs and sentences. Moriah I ran into on Twitter, and when I began to review self-published and largely self-designed self-publishing review titles, Moriah was one of the first people to mail me a book that I was obliged to review. Note how in this sleek proliferation of remain, although there is no syllabification, Moriah has removed the common flows of word spaces loopholes typically found in word processing type.

The book was surprisingly good looking because I've seen a number of self-publications. Moriah's book was classy, the typeface careful and empathetic. There was nothing that distracted me from the beautiful look and haptics of the book.

Later I was again amazed when I found out that Moriah had written the whole book in Word, and it made me doubt my suspicion about the abilities of word processing. Because everyone else used Word to create pages in Times Roman or Palatino that seemed to me to look a bit rough, that didn't mean you couldn't do any better.

I' ve asked Moriah to sent me some screenshots of her work. Here is an excerpt from Out of the Mount, a compilation of 19 pieces by various authors: This look like something you've ever seen in Microsoft Word? The book, the work of eight writers, is described as:

Please pay attention to the Word code and the page layout in this screen. Moriah constructs a spreading in Word with 2 columns: Again she has exited the code and page layout in this Word screen. Okay, before I stop, here's another FOB Bible extension, more multi-columned Word:

However, when I look at these pages, I always have to remember that they are from Word. In spite of Moriah's craftsmanship, there are still things that a word processing program can't do as well as layoutsoftware. Do you think I would want to make a book in Word? So I asked Moriah what advice she would give to other guys trying to make great looking textbooks in Word or Open Office.

If you see blanks, tabulators, hard drives, smooth return, line break, and section break, you know why Word won't let you do certain things and/or how to correct something. A part of it is to use the side views with borderline. Pagination: Understand how to use section switches correctly. For me, one thing that Moriah's work shows is that the book we see looks poor just because the writer couldn't figure out what it should look like, or wasn't as stubborn as Moriah Jovan, or didn't know any better.

She is a real typographer, no matter what tools she uses," I named this one. So, when they tell you that you can't make a good-looking book in Word, you know the truth: you can't say that anymore.

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