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No Google equivalent to MS Publisher. For more information about Office Online, see the following resources: Cloud / Web Microsoft Office Publisher Alternatives Pages for Mac text processing lets you produce wonderful files in just a few moments - with breathtaking designs, typing and power. CLUCIDPRESS is a web-based web page creation and lay-out software that allows anyone to produce nice printed and digitally produced files. The web is now in the designers own responsibility. 365Layouts is creating an on-line drag-and-drop web site to help small businesses produce promotional material using our free designs.

The Project ROME is an all-in-one authoring and publication tool that lets anyone at work, at home or at work harness the strength of images, photographs, text......

About Microsoft Office 365 Training Information

This information is provided to help individuals with free on-line trainings provided to maximise office 365 production. The KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS) is accessible to all government employees. KnowledgeWave members also get a discount on extra benefits. Supplementary activities may comprise government and non-governmental courses, counseling and counseling.

The respective department/agency is responsible for paying for the extra work. IMPORTANT: It is the individual departments/agencies' duty to pay for the extra work. Staff must obtain permission for extra service before registering. If you have any queries regarding our on-line trainings or other related activities, please do not hesitate to send an email to KnowledgeWave: or 800-831-8449.

What's new in 365? Officeinline is part of Officeinter 365. Using Microsoft Outlook you can display and process your document on the Web. For more information about Microsoft Outlook Server, see the following resources: For more information about Outlook, see the following resources: You can use Microsoft Outlook 7 or Microsoft Outlook 7 to create an image, open and modify a PDF document, as well as simply orientate images and charts.

It has enhanced collaborative capabilities, as well as instant links to your on-line areas and enhanced validation capabilities such as simple markup and comment. For more information about Word, see the following resources: For more information about new functions in Excel, see the following resources: The all-new PowerPoint look is optimised for use on trays and mobile telephones so you can browse and type through the presentation.

For more information about PowerPoint 2013, see the following resources: For more information about OneNote 2013, see the following resources: A web-appliqué for the Web has been developed to simplify collaborative use. A new kind of Web application that you create in MSA and then use as a SharePoint application in a Web navigator and distribute with others.

For more information about Access 2013, see the following resources: New ways to work with your images in 2013. Use the new image and text tools to move or exchange images and apply visible enhancements to your publication. For more information about the 2013 edition, see the following resources:

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