Most Successful Book Publishers

The most successful book publishers

With fewer books published for our size than any other publisher, we have more time to make every book a success. The world' s most successful science fiction and fantasy publisher. The first part deals with the history and industry of book publishing.

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It is our philosphy to be passionate about our writers, to believe in our literature and to be hungry for more. We were proud to have won the Publisher of the Year at the British Book Awards for the 4th year in 2016. We have a strong base that makes writers brands from Dan Brown to Sophie Kinsella to Lee Child.

In addition to establishing the brands, every year we are at the forefront of the best selling debuts from Before I Go To Sleep to The Girl on The Train. We are proud to release works by great writers such as Kate Atkinson and John Irving. We want to publicize the best in each area of non-fiction instead of creating technical directories.

We release Bestsellers like Stephen Hawkings A Brief Histoire of Time, Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion und Bill Brysons A Shorthistory of Nearly Everything und britische Bestseller wie Paul O'Grady's At My Mother's Knee und Andy McNabs Bravo Two Zero.


The most successful sci-fi and phantasy publishing house in the game. As the winner of the Locus Awards for the best SF publishing house for 20 years in a row, Tor publishes regular bestselling works such as Robert Jordan's Knife of Dreams and Terry Goodkind's Chainfire. Tor's Orb Impressum features pocket book issues of exceptional, award-winning SF and fantasy-backlit series.

Forge Impressum releases a broad palette of literature, among them a powerful series of historic books and novelists, as well as mystery books, women's literature and a multitude of non-fiction books. The Tor/Forge publishing house has also become the premier contemporary publishing house for Western Americans. Recently released by Tor and Forge includes Andrew M. Greeley, Douglas Preston, Orson Scott Card, Michael & Kathleen O'Neal Gear, Harold Robbins, Susan Kearney, Jonathan Carroll, Brian Herbert, Kevin J.

Extensively illustrated scientific literature and imaginary stories encourages the reader to reflect their own reality and explore it in a safe but provocative and sophisticated way. If they survive in a complicated alternative world or navigate earth in front of a curious new find, the figures in these works help the reader to recognize what it really means to be a man.

The Starscape and Tor Teen aim to promote such discerning discovery by offering young people the very best sci-fi and phantasy books and a host of unparalleled worlds through which young people can critically explore the centre of their own identity. Prizewinning sci-fi and phantasy for min. 10 years old and older (from class 5), available in hardback and pocket book.

A number of issues contain reader's manuals and other supplementary material. Celebrated sci-fi and phantasy for young adults aged 13 and older (from grade 8), released in hardback and on the paper. A number of issues contain reader's manuals and other supplementary material.

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