Most Popular Book Publishing Companies

The most popular book publishers

We at L.B. Publishing bring good books by great authors to the literary world. It was sold out three times and quickly became one of our bestsellers. Not a mushy tribute to the joys of fatherhood, Lewis' book speaks of the good, the bad and the merely confusing of having children.

Oscar-winning film, was rejected by numerous London publishers. The most successful content will cover both areas as a result.

We at L.B. Publishing introduce good works by great writers to the literature scene.

We at L.B. Publishing introduce good works by great writers to the literature scene. They are fictitious works with notable stories of hero, passion and dramatic art. Take a look at some of our most popular and award-winning publications. Maybe you'll find your new favourite book. The story of Sandro Botticelli and Ernesto, the deserted kid he saves.

It' a story of boyfriendship, of father and son, of loving and betraying. Armed with a uniform to improve their own bodily skills, Eric and his buddies are forced into a battle against the most vicious mutant they have ever encountered. The Blue Butterfly gives an enchanting insight into the figure "Precious Blue Johnson" - a young lady who is striving to become the first ever dancer.


Since January 2011 we have been publishing child-oriented, parent-friendly children's literature and applications with the goal of developing textbooks and applications that inspire reading for them. We are one of the UK's fastestgrowing publishers: we are currently the thirteenth largest children's book publishing house in the UK. Our publications include high-quality nonfiction and nonfiction for young adults from 0 to 14 years of age by renowned writers and graphic designers as well as young talents.

The production of well-designed natural textbook is important to us, and we think about envelopes, types of papers and weights to make our book appealing and comfortable to look at. Our paperbaking image guides come with a free of charge downloadable sound file that we have named Stories Aloud.

We' re creating a collection of audio-enhanced iBooks with text highlights, which are our image books' digitized version. Our mission is to create cutting-edge, multimedia-based, high-interactivity applications for the tablet, smartphone and other touch screen device. Instead of being squeezed onto a screen, these applications are specifically designed to take full benefit of the equipment, tell tales and inform kids in new and appealing ways.

What we don't want is that the boringest thing a kid can do on a touch screen is read. Over the years, our textbooks and applications have won many prizes, and we have also won many as a company: We think that it is important to be lucky and have a good time and to make what we do better and more effective.

We' re active on new technologies in what we do and how we inform on them. We have written some of the most acclaimed accounts in our career, and we have a deep knowledge of international market. We' re looking for good translatable titles and are looking forward to sell our titles and applications worldwide.

As we are only working with ethical and responsible plants, we only purchase from a small number of companies in the Far East, all of which have environment and CSR certification. At the very least, we require that all our vendors have ICTI approval, but most of them are also accredited by many other agencies.

When we do not purchase the book directly from the printing houses, we work with Imago, who were founder members of PRELIMS and are now members of EcoVadis. As a member of the Book Chain Project, we use their instruments to make sure that all the wooden fibers used in our papers and cartons come from sustainably produced wells.

To make sure they are not detrimental to the kids they like, we periodically test the items used in our records and ask all our vendors to list each item that is included in our records.

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