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But I like your app.....

how it helps me find out why my cp always says "unsupported font"..... when I try to change the font... What's great about Android is that it's an extremely customizable mobile operating system. You can also use the iFont app to change fonts for Android. Go to the themes in Mobile and download and apply the fonts. On the Home screen, tap Apps.

iFont((expert for fonts)

Android' best installer comes back! This app is developed to add nice typefaces to your mobile device. Easily access your mobile by downloading and using thousands of typefaces. It' simple to change the system type! Nice writings, nice atmosphere! Want to make your mobile not only more attractive, but also more personal?

Built-in hundred of beautiful colorful typeface, easy to change the system typeface, the easy change temper! Writing blooms, personalised I am dominating! This is what a monotone telephone port looks like! Allow yourself to be in a cheerful atmosphere every single working days, enjoy living, like type. This is what a monotone telephone port looks like! So that you are in a good temper every single second.

The best style application for Android! Choose from dozens of user-defined scripts to deploy across the system! Thumbnail, back up, installation of SD memory cards and release of type. Modify the typeface, change your mood: 6. change the character sizing, change the file from small to large.

To change fonts on your ANDROYD phone without routing

Writings make or fracture the look of your mobile phones. An enormous typeface on a small display looks as ugly as a small typeface on a 6 -inch-display. In order to make sure that your mobile doesn't experience such esthetic seizures, we want to find out how you can change scripts on your mobile without root it.

Mostly there are two ways to change your typefaces, and the selection of methods will depend on which telephone you use. There' s a fistful of vendors who integrate this adaptation into their Android handsets. Even if you cannot change the typeface, you can still use the system code on these select mobile handsets.

You can make this change in one copy without having to restart the unit. You can then see the chosen fonts and sizes on the phone's user surface, which includes symbols, menu, search bar and text. Several Samsung mobile devices also allow you to select and add more fonts from the Google Play Store.

Can' t find the font adjustment setting on your phone? There' are a few convenient launcher features in Plays Store that allow you to change your font without having to install new topics. GO Launcher is one of the highest valued customized launcher for Anroid. You can customise your home page, widget, wallpaper and more with a score of 4.5 and 7,000,000 Google Playshop spreads.

You can also embellish your mobile with more than 10,000 free topics. If you want to change the typeface of your mobile with GO Launcher, proceed as follows. Settings, and then touch the typeface you want to use. iFont should be your first option if you want to see some fun typefaces on your Android by just adding one app.

It' really simple to customise system scripts with this app and your mobile will look new every time you change it. iFont' Online page allows you to search for brand new and appealing typefaces for your Android. From your machine, go to Settings>Security and turn on this item to activate the deployment of applications from unknowns.

Click the appropriate fonts and touch Set. It is also possible to choose the currently loaded typeface under Settings > Display > Typeface Styles. You can change your system fonts immediately without having to restart your machine. Customise your phone's fonts and sizes to meet all your word processing needs with this fantastic application.

In contrast to the other features, this application does not change the system typeface of your telephone, but allows you to select from a wide range of typefaces that you can enter into the application and then copy into the text box of e-mails, text, status update and history. You can use the Emoji in our Emoji to tell your friend how you feel.

Or you can use specific typefaces to emphasize specific incidents and contact information because the text you copy can be paste into any other application because the typefaces are Unicode, which is enabled by popular versions of Mac OS, Windows and Android. Enjoy the fun with type! The next contingency, if you want to wow your boyfriends with some nice lyrics or give your cell a face-lift by altering the way text appears on it, you don't have to go through the painstaking and tedious root-work.

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