Mobile Writing App

Portable writing application

I love the interface for handwriting, but compared to the built-in Samsung keyboard the handwriting recognition, this app is rather bad. Use this mobile writing application to write anywhere. It' s as easy to write on your desktop as it is on your mobile phone with this mobile writing application designed specifically for fiction writers. Vendors: Innovative Mobile Apps Ltd. Sign up either online or on your mobile and you're ready to go.

IOS and Andriod Mobile Writing App

Collaborate in the same document with a team mate at the same one. See changes in near-realtime, complete with employee comment. Enhance the formatting of your document. You can open and modify your Microsoft Office files. Exports your work as Microsoft Outlook document, PDF, ODT, HTML and TXT. Acces and process your document without an online session. Do not click on the button Store and leave the saving of your document.

Much more than that, you' ll find widespread multi-tasking capabilities in iPad Pro that you really enjoy in your workstation.

Writing anywhere with this cellphone-friendly writing application.

You sometimes have to get out of the way to record those brilliant scenes, and Storyist makes it simple to do just that. The Grab Storyist, a text editor that's simple to use on your desk or mobile phone, is now available for just $19 (about £14)! The Storyist is a do-it-all writing system that is not restricted by the OS used.

No matter whether you are at your desktop or on the coach, you can raise the storyist and work on what has inspired your creativism. It is a full-featured text editor that comes with a set of artwork to help you put together your writing processes, whether you're writing a novel, a script or just a few memorable notices.

Now you can buy Storyist for only $19 (about £14). That' s 67% off the cost of an app that will help you make your writing come alive wherever you are, so get that trade today! All of us like one or two promotions, especially with some of the most costly creatives and designer items.

If you miss one, you can find past offers on the authors page of the deal staff or the days page of the deal.

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