Mobile Ebook Creator

Portable Ebook Creator

e-book creator and editor to build your interactive ebook. This is different from when you decide to publish it to your mobile phone or LMS. Quickly download your ebook template bundle to create ebooks at a hat's drop. Making an eBook in Pages is easy, and adding content to it is almost easier. This is a commented list of mobile eBook authoring resources used in the previous modules.

Build a mobile eBook with real-world page switching.

It' very simple and enjoyable to make mobile compliant eBooks with FlipDF. Launch Flip in Flip Portable and upload your Portable Document; 2. select a topic and a preset; 3. select an HTML eBook with the Mobile Version creation in it. Now that you've shared all your favorite print and folder listings and published them together on-line, you can open your eBook in the browsers of your PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhone and Androids.

Turn PDF into Adobe© Flash®-based browsable eBooks. Converting several PDF documents in batches into a one-page or multi-page eBook. Browse PDF documents with hyperlink, Web links, page links, e-mail links. If you want text to be serachable, you must specify the min. lookup char. Easily browse eBooks with watermarks, images, date and hour, and more.

Specify image qualities and sizes for the regular and mobile versions. Outputs in various formats: HTML, EXE, Zip, Mac App, Mobile Edition and Smoke to CD: 1 HTML allows you to post to a website that is displayed on-line (with titles, key words and other metadata). The EXE (with the open windows name, symbol and file name) and Zip allow you to e-mail your users, which will be displayed on their computer.

The mobile edition is the edition of HTML flipbooks that can be displayed on mobile phones via a browser (support of individual slides on mobile phones). Instant previews of the effect. Display the wizard and scroll hints in your guide and either directly pick up or mount the soundtrack. In the float preset, insert HTML titles that can be selected to go to the website on-line.

Include an image or Flash icon before the title of the title in the float-image. Specify manual scaling, border sizes and shadows. Sequence eBook read from right to lefthand (for right-to-left like Arabic). Select a hardcover for eBooks. Specify the multilingual browseable eBook for your publication. Adds a passcode to secure your eBook.

Include the help configuration and use Image or SWF to specify the contents to use. Adjust the page number box so that it is displayed at the top or bottom in float, adjust the starting page number. Minime Style to display browseable eBooks without using the tool bar. The page-lipping ebook you have built will enable your reader:

Single-/double side views. Quickly browse and open the pages using the preloading technique, you don't have to sit around waiting for all pages to load. Watch Flipbooks either automatic or repeated. Browse through the eBook in full-screen mode. Entire eBook searching. Printing the entire eBook or a series of pages directly (support for the clips area on pages and then printing).

Upload the eBook directly from the website. Shared eBook-URL by Email. Viewing the eBook on iPad, iPhone and Android enabled phones (single page support).

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