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There is a WALT and WILF and one version has a wordbank for . I love the new mini booklet option and have made some nice booklets for my niece. Create Pocketmods (small booklets) with MS Word. In the end I created my own template with text fields in Word. ABC Minibooklet is an empty ABC booklet that you can use for a variety of projects.

bora_bora Mini Booklet Template from 1 A4 by bora_bora - teaching materials

An A4 sheet of material to make a booklet with an envelope and three pages (and pictures). These are 3 different copies of a sample of my books, which I adjusted to my volume 2/3. soummer qiz / end of tenm quiz: it's daylight savings season! This is a solid, customizable and interactively finished trivia with lots of funny.....

At best, this unit is an introductory and, even more badly, a memory of a very useful auditing technology. One of the lessons in this tutorial is to get the student to do a number of exercises to support their review, but with the topic of newscasting. You know, this lecture.... Every unit can contain some or all of the following points:

Mini book template for Word by MICHELLE BREWER

With this template you can make a mini eBook with cover and back and four inside pages. Mini-Books are a great way to present information to your pupils in a clear and entertaining way. To ask a pupil to fill out a mini-book is also an outstanding evaluation. Many templates are great for mini-brochures and print, but with this Word document you can enter your text directly into the pages, with the reverse text for the cover and back.

When you' re making your own mini-book, you can make a finished mini-book or enter prompt messages for your pupils. Useful grey bars do not interfere with the contents of the pages, as the bars on the pages are outside the print area. They also keep your text limited when you make it and make fold marks more apparent when you fold.

Instructions for the mini book:

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