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The core of Office Online is four: Includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. You can use your computer for desktop publishing. Free Microsoft Word 2007 Online Workshop All our other wordtutorials: Use this free on-line guide to study Microsoft World 2007. For an older copy of Microsoft Office, click here for our Microsoft Office 2003/2002 or here for our Microsoft Office 97 demo. MicrosoftsoftWord is a text editing program.

You can use your computer for desktops and other applications. Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Word 2007. Even though this guide was designed for beginners because Microsoft Word 2007 is so different from earlier Microsoft Word releases, it can also be useful for advanced people.

Use this dialog box to interoperate with Word. Unit 1 introduced you to the Microsoft Word screen. Now you can start learning how to make a Word file. Use the backspace button, clear button, insert text, bold, underline, and italics. Word 2007 can make your work easy, make your files more appealing and/or allow you to work more effectively.

In this Microsoft Word tutorial, you will learn how to open, crop, copy, past, use AutoText, use spelling checker, use Find and replace, and modify font styles. These functions make your work easy or make your documents more appealing. If you are entering information in Microsoft Word, a new section is created each timeout when you hit the Return Word button.

This unit explains the different file types you can use on a section and the different style. Using Microsoft Word, enumeration and numeration are simple. In the first part of this unit you will be taught how to enumerate and number. Once you've finished your work, you may want to exchange it with others.

A way to release your work is to have it printed and distributed. But before you start printing, you can insert page numbers and tell Word things like the page direction, page format, and margins you want to use. This unit teaches you how to design and reprint your files.

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