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What is the difference between Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word? There is a major distinction between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher in how they treat both text and graphs in terms of text. Word is developed to produce a document in a more conventional way in which the text runs from top to bottom, from the right to the right (English, Frensh, Germann, etc.) or from the right to the lefthand (Urdu, Arabian, Farsi, etc.).

The focus of such a paper is to make large volumes of texts (stories, essay, book, etc.) as effective and yet legible as possible in terms of space. There are not as many images in such files as text and they are only used to complete and add to the text contents, so Word has limitations on how it handles images, always trying to relate them to the text.

While Word has come a long way in the accuracy with which it can help you place images in or around the text, the focus is still on the latter and it always gets in the way when you try to produce a file where images need more attention; for example, brochures, leaflets, billboards, ads, etc.

When your documents have very confined text and many images, where the text only serves as a complement to the visuals, Microsoft Publisher is the best for it. Publisher's work area is intended for images and each text item must be within the images. Publisher does not allow you to enter anything outside a graphical item (field, pie, text field, etc.), so Publisher is best for things like a poster, brochure with very little text, brochure, etc.

I use Publisher if my work has too many graphical items, clipart and images for Word, otherwise I stay with Word. While there are some things that are simpler to do in Publisher than in Word, with enough dexterity you can use Word for such things, but they may be more timeconsuming.

When creating a 1-page 20-word 10-picture and 10-design placard, use Publisher. When you design a 5-page 700-word booklet with 5 photos, use Word. I' m going to use a lot of text fields in Microsoft Publisher for a placard like this. It' going to be very hard for me to tip over text messages like this one.

I' m definitely going to use Microsoft Word for a booklet like this one. Word-gives me more scrutiny over the simple order of text and pictures in a legible way.

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