Microsoft word novel Template

Word Novel Template

but I don't get a word to page my novel right. InDesign, QuarkXPress and Microsoft Word; All text files must be included in our design templates. Well, okay - simply put, text in Microsoft Word is created in paragraphs. Place the cursor anywhere in a text paragraph within a chapter of your novel.

Free, ready-to-use template for writing childle novels.

Default Manuscript Template for Microsoft Word " APOCalypticRODuctions

Hey folks, I put up some masks for MS Word that make strong use of the types and make it simple to put your script into the default script size that most publishers and media demand. This template should work in MS Word 2007 and 2010. You enable an author to use the navigational area (Document Maps 2007 ) to effortlessly modify and browse his work.

Womack from Words For Writers initially designed the patterns, but I changed them to make my own twist on things. There is a slight difference between the two documents, one using the default doublespace as defined by the word. Other one uses a distance exactly adjusted to "25pts". 12-point fonts, such as Courier New, should produce exactly 1 pico up or 1/6 inches.

You should insert 6 rows per in. at a single time. You should insert 3 rows per in. at a time. Because of whatever reasons, MS Word sets this to. 0187 in between the rows when you select'Double' as the distance. So, it will throw away the line space, and instead of getting 25 line per page as it is suggested, you will get 23 or 24, and only 15 on your first page and first pages for each section.

If we change the distance between paragraphs to'exactly 25', we set it to 2 pica's (exactly 2 pica'exactly 24') and give us 16 rows on the first pages of the section and 25 rows on regular pages. For most of the times, that really shouldn't play a role, but just in case it does, I have prepared a template to take that into account.

Most of these models correspond to the Writer's Digest Book Formatting & Surrender Your Manualcript, 3. functions contained in these templates: Both the heading 2 and the regular style of new subparagraphs have 5 indents. Full text divided by two rows or at least one picas, resulting in a constant number of rows per page.

Should someone be unhappy with these documents, please let me know so I can rectify them. Here is a short movie explaining how to use the template. Because of the great request I have added a new one for Word 97-2003. Not as thoroughly as the 2007 and 2010 submissions.

Note that the full set of template functions for 2007/2010 may not be available.

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