Microsoft word Book Manuscript Template

Submission of Microsoft Word Book Manuscript

All in one template is fully customizable. In the following you will find our free Microsoft Word book templates for the inside pages. Choose the Book Manuscript template and click the Create button. Both QuarkXPress and Microsoft Word; All text files must be included in our design templates.

You can download the MS Word template IOSPressBookArticle. dot from the author.

Compatible with Microsoft Word

This is where Microsoft Word customers can easily load and reinstall practical downloads to accelerate the editing of shorts and new scripts. They even charge a round number of words for you! Format-word with the following two files: Storymanuscript.dotx Microsoft Word template Novel Manuscript.dotx Microsoft Word template filename Please be aware that these Word 2010 for Windows template filenames have been developed.

It should work in Word 2007 and all newer releases, but I don't warrant it. Installing the templates: Please down-load the zip-archive and open it. Store the template file (Story Manuscript.dotx and Novel Manuscript.dotx) from the Microsoft Word-dir. Customize the templates:

You can open any template in Microsoft Word as a template. Skip to the end of each template. Press Enter in Story Manuscript.dotx until you reach page 2. Modify the page headers in each template and replace the last name text in braces with your own last name. Exit the headline. To remove all the returned files you just added in Story Manuscript.dotx, press Backspace.

And if you like Times New Roman over Courier, you can modify the "msText" styles in any template and modify the type. This updates the fonts everywhere in each template. Back up the template. The use of the templates: If you are creating a new file, select Story Manuscript.dotx or Novel Manuscript.dotx from "My Templates".

You should see your new voucher with all your details already in it. In braces, substitute the wildcard heading with your own heading. Store the work as a separate filename. Start making your history. Finally, you must modify the page heading and substitute the key word text in braces with a key word from your name.

In my view, the most cool thing about these models is the word counts calculation. In order to refresh your word counts, simply place the mouse pointer on the number between "approximately" and "words" on the first page of your paper and then click F9. If the real number of words appears round to the next hundred for a novel or the next thousand for a novel.

Later on, after you have more or reworked, click the word number again and hit F9 to refresh the results.

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