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Complimentary Microsoft Word book cover template

Use Create Your Book Covers in Microsoft Word to allow authors to create their own book covers in MS Word. These are some resources to start designing book covers in MS Word. Explore our collection of high-quality book cover templates and design the cover of your next bestseller. Use the cover creator on createspace - self-published authors in the createspace cover template. When you feel it's too much to start from an empty slate, work with a template.

To create your own free book cover in MS Word

The concern for a great book cover is not negotiable for all writers. Creativindie Covers' Derek Murphy is a bright and creative artist and has created some of my own bookcover. The majority of independent publishers will be warning you not to create your own book cover for a good reason: cover art is too important an ingredient for self-publishing to be light.

It' difficult enough to make your book a best-seller without an unsightly cover to sabotage your work. That' s why I want to tell you something I've been working on for a few months: the mysteries of creating a best-selling cover in Microsoft Word, and then I'll give you some easy-to-use Word styles so you can get to work.

You' ll be taught how to mix pictures with Word, how to apply layer and translucency, how to use text and spaces (kerning), how to wipe the backgrounds and how to apply the general cover-designs. If you have an older or newer Word 2010 release, the procedure will be similar.

Or you can have a PDF copy of this guide and the sources of the cover we're creating so you can watch it; click here to get them. In this section, I'll show you what kind of artwork is best, where you can find royalty-free artwork, and where you can do inexpensive Photoshop work (if you need it).

Choice of photos: They can use a colour dial to find complementary colours (contrasts/against each other). Blockbusters usually use oranges and cyan (many of my book art too). Unfortunately, Christmas ruins reds and greens, but reds still goes well with blacks or whites.

First, find a drama backdrop or sequence; it can be a structure, a scenery.... think "place". That'?ll be your backdrop. The better the cover, the better the chances are that someone else will use it for their work. I' d be paying $50~$100 for a few hour photo shoot with the right to use an image on the cover.

So if that seems like too much work, find a style on a stick photograph page, but remember: the better the picture, the more likely it is that other folks are already using it on their bookcover. They can.... but there may be another book with a cover that looks almost exactly the same.

Instead, try to find something simpler, blend the style and backgrounds yourself or concentrate on a one-of-a-kind corner (I often slice off the upper half of a model's face and only show the lips and chin). One thing that also works well is to place the styles big up and put a scenery on the bottom half of the cover.

"Stick Photography" means pictures to which you can acquire and use the copyright to your book cover. I' m using these pages where photographs usually costs less than $10 (although you should buy the more costly "extended license" if you use it for your book cover). I' m doing book cover at 6 "X9", that's 1800×2700 dots.

For a larger, smaller book cover, use 5 "x8" - the Amazon recommendation is 1.6 (which most publishing houses disregard because the cover is too large and looks weird on most devices). Most stick photograph websites have a middle or large sized website, just verify the aspect ratios.

Remember, if you select two images, they do not have to be as long as the entire cover. But there are others - even some free of charge like stock market-pictures. They' ll wrap you up and show you beautiful pictures of iStock, which usually range from $20 to $80.

As I have already said, the drawback of stick shooting is that you see it on other cover art, so here are some ways to find something new. A photographer often charges at least $1500 to use a photograph as a book jacket, but many are open to a specific business or arrangement. Anything I' ve made in the past now pays about $250, but an extra $1000 or so if the book is selling more than 10,000 or so.

The Etsy is a place for artisans and artisans, but they often have very nice pictures of their goods. The majority of performers don't object if you use their photographs, especially if you buy the corresponding products they sell. Many Flickr members publish photographs in the Creatives Commons section, which means that you can use their photographs as long as you provide the name (on the back and cover).

At first glance, your pictures may not look good, but you can customize them in Word. You have a resource part of stick art that you can use as long as you specify the resource (different performers have different usage policies and can be very careful how their work is used, so you should probably review their policies and maybe post a note to them).

Stick photographing on Deviant is usually very crude - it is for graphics artists who use it in their work. Search DeviantArt for the topics on your mailing lists and you can find some fine arts and photographs. If you need a special kind of story, especially for a children's book or a phantasy novel, you may need to engage an artis.

I' d message $100 to use any discipline on a product bedclothes, or $250 for them to object any practice for you. I' ll show you how to create and mix your pictures in MS Word, but if you need something nicer or if you' re disappointed to do it yourself, look for a Photoshop professional on

Most vendors remove the wallpaper, combining pictures or adding a drama for $5. I will accompany you from the ground up when creating a book cover in MS Word. Start MS Word. And we don't need the borders so click on "Page Layout" again, choose "Margins" and then put them to "Narrow" or . 5" all around.

I take my scene or my wallpaper and pull it into my template. You can also use "insert>>Image" and then choose the desired one. You can enlarge, reduce and move the screen. I' m gonna move it down to fill the bottom of my book cover.

Now, I take another image, pull it in, choose "Behind Text" and place it in the upper half. It' s too big, so I loose half of it under the other one (we'll fix that later). It can be difficult to choose the right level sometimes when I have a few of them.

When it is difficult to choose the desired photo, double-click the right edge of the photo, not the center. If you want to complete this cover, the easiest way is to place a low profile flag in the center. In order to paste a buffer, go to "insert", click on "Shape" and then choose the rectangular.

I do it again, this year I go to "Shape Fill" and choose the colour red. Now, when I enter my song, I can't see the text in blacks.... so I'll mark the text and go to the "A" icon to alter thecolour. I just choose weiß for now, then I make the text a little larger.

I' d like to centre my text, so I pull the wall of my text field to the edge of my cover and then click on the symbol "Centre text". The better choice is to click on my text field by selecting the edge of the field once, right-click and selecting "Copy here" (or use the key combination ctrl+"C").

Instead, I mark the text and go to the "A" with the blank line below to choose the font colour to use. In addition to modifying the colour, I can also choose a gradient item. The cover looks quite good with a bright edge and delicate reflections. First, I will look for a " blackened, texturized wallpaper " on-line.

I' m looking for something dirty, so I chose this one. When I click on the edge of my colored square, I can go to Shape Fill, click "Picture" and load up my brickwork wallpaper. There you can either activate the level or suppress the two text levels. They want to make the smooth borders so large that the images gently merge into the other images.

I' ve chosen the Parisian backgrounds and used the "Corrections" and "Colors" tab above to turn the image into a deep grey that fits the stones better. However, let's see if we can include an item of risk by displaying another image of this villain. First, we need to create some room, so we need to choose the image of the pair, grasp one of the edges and drag it down to resize it.

Then since this is a black cover, let's get out of here this one. Fast Tip: If you want to fill the page with a color graduation, click on "Page Color" and then on "Fill Effects". I can now move the villain image, "Wrap Text"/"Behind Text" to move it, and "right click / image formatting" to make the borders softer.

I' ve also used "Corrections" and "Color" to adapt it better to the wallpaper-colour. I' ve also added smooth borders to the pair image, but unfortunately these two pictures don't match so well. I use the "Remove background" pushbutton this year ( "File" in the upper lefthand corner when you click on the image).

I' m gonna put it small on the bottom half of the cover. This is where I encountered one of the major restrictions in MS Word. Form " must stand before "image planes" for some at all. "I can' take my villain to the bricks.

This is the form I began with and I used "Fill" with the mosaic. But since I don't need to have any translucency on the tile I can simply erase it, paste the tile image directly and smooth the edge. I can put it behind the villains.

It' for a cover from MS Word in less than an hours..... it's quite good. In this example, a blank silhouette on a text with a color graduation makes a'glossy border' look like this. It is good for thick, neat typefaces, but not good for coarse or unclean typefaces with bumpy outlines. Unless you received it sooner, please refer to the sources and templates used in this guide.

You can create a fairly good cover in MS Word using the techniques you have just learnt. That' s why I've worked on over 100 DI Y book cover artwork that' rely on the best-selling book artwork, which is much quicker and simpler than creating your own cover from the ground up.

In 5-minute you can click through the customization of one of my patterns. To learn more and to get some free playable artwork, visit To work with a book cover design firm, click here for a full listing.

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