Microsoft Publisher Versions

Versions of Microsoft Publisher

You can download old versions of Microsoft Publisher. Click here for the latest version of Microsoft Publisher. Which is the Apple version for Microsoft Publisher? Before Microsoft Office 2011 was published for the Mac, the software did not contain Publisher, its desktops publisher that is not designed to work on Macs. Apple's core desk-top authoring app is Pages.

On a Mac, this combined text processing and wallpaper editor is used for occasional wallpaper publication applications, similar to Microsoft Publisher on the computer.

If you open pages, you see the Chooser theme, which provides the users with a series of text editing or page lay-out themes. You can use the page templates to move items to your page using dragging and dropping, just like in the Publisher. If you open a page style sheet, a toolbar appears at the top that you can use to draw your own type.

Like in Publisher you will find default icons for adding text fields, pictures, forms and diagrams. You have your documents on a big sreen. You can move and move objects to and from your page so that you can customize objects on your monitor to achieve the desired format. Template Chooser provides page layouts for fundamental desk top publication jobs such as newsletter, booklets, posters and flyer.

It is also possible to choose an empty screen for the page setup. From the Templates screen, you can zoome in on the document to see which style each one is using and to get a more accurate picture of how the pages are arranged, so you don't guess what the document will look like before selecting it.

It is possible to make your own artwork or purchase extra artwork from your local retailer. Once you have selected a layoutsheet, you will see placeholders for text and graphs, which you can modify by double-clicking in thelaceholder. Modify your screens like a text field or an illustration by click on the field to make grips appear.

You can use the Document Inspector to define accurate scores for your items while making changes to fonts using the Fonts Inspector. Like in Publisher, you can draw guidelines from the rulers to place items on the display. Click and drop pictures from your wallpaper or use the Media tab to drop them into the page look.

The toolbar changes when you paste an existing photo so that you can make changes to the photo. Like text fields, you can resize the images by dragging the handle of the User Language User Language User Language User Language Box. Attach photo borders and Dropshadow to your images without opening an editorsimple.

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