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Guided introduction to the Microsoft Publisher desktop publishing program. So if you're new to the Mac and looking for alternatives to Microsoft Publisher on the Mac platform, this information will help you. You can find your MICROSOFT publishing software today. You can find all current MICROSOFT models and offers on PC World.

Complimentary Microsoft Publisher for Mac

When you' ve just switched to the Mac and used MS Publisher as your desk-top publication app, you'll probably be looking for an alternate. This is where Swift Publisher for Mac comes in. Flyers or magazines - Swift Publisher does it for you! If you need a one-page leaflet, a triple booklet or a multi-page publication, you can count on Swift Publisher for Mac.

This is where the Facing Pages style is used in Swift Publisher. Swift Publisher also includes a feature-rich picture editing tool and a library of classy 3-D titles at no additional charge. A great alternate to Microsoft Publisher for Mac, Swift Publisher is very simple - it only contains a few simple utilities and requires dragging and dropping.

Because we know that the cost of software subscriptions can weigh on your budgets, we have established a lump sum for Swift Publisher. The Swift Publisher is a high-performance alternate to Microsoft Publisher and offers the functionality normally found only in costly desktop publishing software such as master pages, guides, raster, layer, table, and more.

Generate bar codes of the most common kinds such as QR, EAN, UPC, Data Matrix or Code 128 to identify your product, publication or link to your website. With our booklet print function, the software designs two pages per page so that you get a unique page with the right page order.

If you want to take your publications to a job printer, it's quite simple. Swift Publisher lets you manage the image resolutions, plot text as graphs, and crop and crop according to the needs of a printer.

Microsofts Publisher Training

The Microsoft Publisher is a desk-top publication program that focuses on page layouts and designs. You can use it to produce visual appealing, professional designed documents such as leaflets, flyer poster, catalogues and e-mail-newsletter. If you or your staff use Microsoft Publisher efficiently, you will reduce your graphics cost and have more freedom to present your own messages.

No matter whether you are new to Microsoft Publisher or would like to find out new hints and puzzles, we have everything under control for you. We have Microsoft Certified Coaches teaching all of our Microsoft Publisher classes.

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