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DOC-free, you can use free online PDF to DOC converter. View (and share) Publisher content assets And the good thing is that with Publisher 2007 we have a better answer to this one. Whenever we look at a Publisher Viewer, we encounter the issue of how to get enough sharing so that everyone can publish and rely on the viewer being available at the other end.

There is also a limitation to the number of individual applications you can choose to use. For a long time, our clients have been asking us for a way to bring publisher contents into application-independent, visibleĀ format. Today, PDF-viewer are widespread, and XPS-viewer are increasingly available.

Like previous releases of Publisher, we anticipate that third party providers will be able to deliver their own solution for the collection and shared use of Publisher results. A little off the subject I would also like to visit the Publisher Connect website, which is a good way to give us your comments. We' ve recently set up this page and we don't have much at the moment, but we have an opportunity to give our support staff a response that doesn't overwhelm me.

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Viewing, editing Publisher files on Windows without MS Office

The Microsoft Publisher is a desk-top publication program that is available in some versions of the Microsoft Office Suit. It' not as common and is used as central office apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Yet there are still a number of people who think it is an easy way to produce high-quality, professional-looking and classy books.

You can use your own file format, especially if you are in the print and publish industry or just want to review and share your corporate literature such as booklets, leaflets, monthly corporate newsletters and events materials. Because Microsoft Publisher is bundled with more costly Office suite versions, you probably don't have the right version, even if you are using the MS Office suite.

And of course it is quite possible that you use a totally different Microsoft Windows environment - LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Google Drive. Well, there's really no way to open and look at them, let alone work on them. The PUB or PSEUBX files on your computer, because Microsoft does not offer a free viewer for Publisher format, although it does offer free viewer for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

How can you then use this annoying.....

Easily turn it into a web-based PDF converter like our free online PDF Maker. This allows the user to easily create a PDF from almost any Windows filename in three simple operations. Just click on "Select file" to find the PUB files you want to be converted, fill in your e-mail adress and then click on "Start!

When you click the downlaod button, you can open your new PDF on your computer in your favorite PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader. Have fun with the release! You can use the above mentioned methods to display the content of the PUB files, but you cannot process it.

If you want to change the PUB without installing MS Publisher, you can copy the PDF document and all content from the original PUB into another editing group. This can be any.doc document that you can open and change in LibreOffice or OpenOffice Writer or Google-Dokuments.

How to turn PDF to . You can use free online PDF to PDF to PDF converters. It is as simple to use as the above-mentioned online PDF generator. With little expenditure it is possible to open, look at and even work on the public access point on a Windows computer free of charge, without having MS Publisher or Microsoft Office up.

PUB without Microsoft Office is our effort to help computer adopters such as pupils and educators who normally work on a small budgets and can't really buy all the applications and utilities they actually need in their schoolbox.

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