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Opening a PUB file without Publisher When you don't have Publisher, Microsoft's Desktop Publisher, and a partner is sending you a Microsoft Publisher document, you have several ways to open it: either turn it into a simple display viewable Adobe Reader document or a DOC to use. You can also try out a free version of Publisher to display and modify the files.

Direct your web browsers to free online content creation sites such as Zamzar, BCL's PDF Online or (links to resources). To convert a PUB to something legible on each page, there are several stages. To start the upload of the PUB files to the web servers of your choice, click on the "Browse" or "Select file" buttons.

Complete the rest of the form, specifying an e-mail adress. You will receive an e-mail when the converting procedure is complete. On all pages you can transform a PUB into a PDF-files. In Zamzar, you can also use the PUB format to create a DOC, RTF or TXT format.

On the page you selected, click the "Upload" tab to complete the move of the PUB files to the host. The PUB conversion can take several months or even a few hundred seconds, according to the complex nature of the data and the requirements of the servers. To view directions for downloading the generated files, open your e-mail.

To open the downloaded document, double-click the name. Use your web navigator to point to the Microsoft Publisher page (link in the resources), and then click the "Try for 60 Free Days" icon. Enter your Windows Livecode or click on the "Create account" tab. Use the instructions on the website to get the free install.

Please complete the setup assistant to locate Publisher on your computer. After installing, click your Publisher Publishing Publisher to open it in the Publisher evaluation where you can review and modify it. Alternatively, you can ask the originator of the publisher files to have them converted in their publisher programs before sending them.

It can convert the Publisher to a PDF or XPS before sending it to you. Alternatively, you can e-mail the HTML version of the document. It only makes sense to do this if you have an HTML-enabled e-mail client. You can only look at the files in both cases, but you cannot process them.

"Opening a PUB file without Publisher. Hint: You may need to include the italic font in the page name, according to the text editor you are including.

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