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The publisher feature in my Office 365 recently stopped filling the computer screen the way it should be. Office 365: Editors Essential Training In this course, all the important functions and utilities of Publisher 2016 - the desk-top editing solution that comes with an Office 365 account - are explained in detail. Authors David Rivers will demonstrate the publisher's capabilities using real-world samples of the different types of publication you can produce with Publisher, from greetings and booklets to newsletter.

This course teaches how to work with text boxes, how to formate and manipulate text, how to add and place forms, images and spreadsheets, and how to adapt and automatize the lay-out and formatting of publishing. You can also find out more about the publisher's functions for bulk mailings with mail merge and for shared use of Web or printed mail.

Deinstall and supersede Publisher in MS Office 365 - Community

The publisher feature in my Office 365 recently ceased to fill the computer monitor the way it should be. Is it possible to deinstall and install this feature or do I have to deinstall and install all features of MS Office 365? All other Office 365 features also work perfectly.

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Best way to buy Microsoft Publisher

The Microsoft Publisher is the MS Office "desktop publishing" part. lisher has been overlooked because it was only in the high-priced Microsoft Office Bundle. The situation improved with the advent of Office 365 "Subscriptions". Office 365 Personal and Home Bundle contain publishers. When you have one of these'subscriptions', it is installs on the Windows desk top by default.

Getting publishers for a "one-time" position is the least expensive way to get an Office 365 monthly account. For the next year, the lowest price would be an Office 365 staff membership for about $70 (re-shopping). Publishers can be purchased as a''one-time'' or''perpetual'' license.

Available as a stand-alone programme for US$110 or as part of Office 2016 Professional for US$400.

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