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In the catalog window, you can format your document. Word and Microsoft Office publishers perform the same tasks in many ways. Use Microsoft Publisher for simple and appealing documents | Commons Knowledge

Quickly and attractively design poster and research presentation designs and other publishing material. Whilst many go to Photoshop when you need something on the go, Microsoft Publisher is a great way for simple but stunning designs that will make you excel. Best of all, you can build them using features you probably know from other Microsoft Suite software.

First thing I will do after I open Publisher is to pick a new empty document. Whilst Publisher offers a large selection of posters, I would like to create my own one. Then I go to the "Page Design" page in the upper colour bar. I can then pick my colour schemes and the colour of the backgrounds.

How the "Page Design" lay-out looks like. Publisher's colour schemes are great. Saving you the trouble of finding complimentary colours and allowing you to do more than just creating dull monochrome posters. You can also make your own pattern, but right now I'm choosing "Solstice" for my colours.

There is also the possibility to select a schema for your typefaces, but I have followed the instructions. Colour schemes save your valuable resources by delivering eye-catching colours without you having to find them yourself. Now there are two ways to use Publisher. First, I' m going to use the publisher's utilities to make your own look and format.

Designing your own layouts and designs gives you more complete freedom over what's in and out of your endoproduct. However, Publisher has a number of customizable, integrated styles that you can use for your projects if they meet your needs. The " Modify template " button is located on the right side of the "Page design" tab.

You can select from a range of customizable themes, colors and fonts. When I have selected my schema, I decided to fill my wallpaper with the yellows from my colour-schema. It is also possible to load a graduated wallpaper, a sample wallpaper or your own picture, which you can use as such.

The" Background" icon on the ribbon provides a drop-down list with the available backgrounds. The backdrop of my work. Here you can select the forms in which you want your text to appear. A beautiful feature that has my form at the bottom lefthand corner is the possibility to insert three images into the form. Also I have done the lower right corner with the register "Illustrations" in the upper row.

On the" Page Design" page I put the date in the box in blue to make it really note. The best aspect of Publisher is that it addresses and facilitates the hard sides of it. You don't have as much hands-on creative power over the finished artwork as you do in Photoshop, but publishers save a lot of money and power while still giving you a perceptible and vibrant end game.

The Publisher is not only suitable for poster, but also for presentation, brochures, maps and even eye-catching CVs! To try out Publisher, visit the Scholarly Commons!

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