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Windows Store is full of fraudulent applications and Microsoft doesn't care. Publishing a RemoteApp application to Remote Desktop Service - TechNet Articles - United Kingdom (English) In principle, RemoteApp Servers are the servers that make all apps available via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). It is similar to the process of accessing a regular desk top, but instead of the desk top person, the session is established only with the app, which provides a wealth of local installation experiences on the user's computer.

In order to allow the user of the RemoteApp Server to remotely connect to the RemoteApp Server, it is necessary to release them as described below. How to proceed The first stage is to deploy all RemoteApp apps that will be available on the server. It is interesting to clarify with the manufacturer whether the software is compatible with Windows Server 2008.

Then click Start > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services and open the RemoteApp Manager. Click on the right side of the display and select the button RemoteApp Programs, as shown in Fig. 1. Illustration 1 - The addition of an app to the RemoteApp Server will soon be shown to you. The next window displays a complete listing of your favorite apps to include.

Several of them are natively for Windows and the remainder are those that were previously deployed on the servers. Select the programmes you want to add and click Next. Illustration 2 - the available RemoteApp programmes Then click Next and Finish to validate the add. The RemoteApp Manager displays a listing of added apps.

The RemoteApp Server can be used by all RemoteApp Server customers by standard. To limit your permissions to a particular group, click the correct app and then click Eigenschaften. Select the Mapping page and insert the groups you want. Only the groups and / or members of this directory have the right to view the app.

Illustration 3 - Accessing the Application Now allows remote PC operators to connect to the application via the Remote Desktop-Device. The Remote Desktop Web Portaion was used to demonstrate how to connect to an application in Figures 4 and 5. You are a member of the group added in the first stage. Illustration 5 - RDS The only way to use the application.

Or you can generate an MSI for installing an icon on your shortcut window and on your Windows taskbar that contains the RemoteApp login/password.

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