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Paint spam campaign is aimed at Microsoft Publisher bankers

It is very uncommon for writers of malicious code to use publishers like Microsoft Publisher, which is mainly used for tricky document and desk top publication work. When we saw an e-mail example with appendix (Microsoft Office Publisher file) and the reference "Payment Advice", our suspicion was born. Certainly this would not provide the users with anything useful.

When opening you will be prompted to activate macros. Previous Microsoft Publisher releases can show the" Activate Editing" and" Activate Content" commands. If you open the VBA Editor in Microsoft Publisher and click ThisDocument in the Project Explorer, the VBScript is displayed. Use the Document_Open () command to trigger the Macroscript.

Like the name already says, the scripts accesses a web address when opening the files and executes a download. When we looked at the example, the address was no longer available, but a little further research revealed that this address was used to download a self-extracting library containing the FlawedAmmy RAT, a backup door utility that an attacker uses to unwittingly manipulate your computer.

Rapidly analyzing our cuckoo system revealed that the back door was accessing a specific IP related to FlawedAmmyyy. Contrary to earlier bulk campaigning, this was a small one, and it is interesting to note that all To: adresses we saw as destinations were bank domain names, suggesting that the attacker wanted to gain a foot in the bank with the FlawedAmmyyy RAT.

Public Pub file: URL(hxxp:// file:

Homepage - Microsoft Publisher Basics

The Microsoft Publisher is an easy-to-use desktops publisher that includes items from other common office apps such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Much of the tool and option that the user is used to are also used with Publisher, which makes learning the fundamentals much more convenient.

Not only does it allow publishers to quickly generate booklets, leaflets, cards, diaries, etc., but you can also use it for your own business project such as newsletter, courseware, books and more. As soon as the reader has understood the concepts of the items and their use in thelisher, practically any type of desk top publishing can be made.

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