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Leverage Microsoft Cloud Services to build a more competitive and agile business. It is the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). Administered by Microsoft Public License (MS Use of the supplied softwares is governed by this licence. By using the program, you agree to this licence. Do not use the licensed version if you do not agree to the use.

Definition The concepts "reproduction", "reproduction", "reproduction", "derivative works" and "distribution" have the same meanings here as under US intellectual property rights. A" contribution" is the genuine application or any addition or modification to the app.

A" Contributor" is any individual who shares his or her input under this Licence. "LICENCED PATENTS" are a participant's claim directly related to his work. Granting of Rights (A) Copyrights - Subject to the provisions of this Licence, as well as the licensing and restrictions set forth in Section 3, each contributing party shall provide you with a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free copyrighted licence to copy its Submission, to adapt derived works of its Submission and to redistribute its Submission or derived works that you are creating.

All contributors grant you a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free licence under their licenced rights to perform, use, distribute, resell, offer to resell and/or otherwise make available their contributions in the SO or in derived works of the Work in the SO.

Terms and Restrictions (A) No Trademark Licence - This licence does not confer on you the right to use the name, logos or marks of the participants. If you assert a right against a Participant to make a claims on any of the patent infringing elements of the Program, your licence to the Program will terminate from that Participant immediately.

If you redistribute any part of the Service, you must maintain all proprietary, parent, patent, trade mark and association rights contained in the Service. If you redistribute any part of the Service in Source Format, you may only do so under this Licence by attaching a full copy of this Licence to your Darkbox.

When distributing a part of the softwares in precompiled format or as item codes, you may only do so under a licence that corresponds to this licence. Unauthorized use (E) The Service is licenced "as is". Participants make no explicit representations, warranty or condition. If you have any further user privileges under your applicable law, you may not be able to modify them under this Agreement.

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