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Office and Publisher

You can create appealing brochures, newsletters, menus and more. Publishing Courses | New Horizons Ireland The Microsoft Project is a desk-top publication program that focuses on page layouts and designs. You can use it to produce visual appealing, professional designed documents such as leaflets, flyer poster, catalogues and e-mail-newsletter. If you or your staff use Microsoft Publisher efficiently, you will reduce your graphics cost and have more freedom to present your own messages.

At New Horizons Dublin, we offer publication trainings to help you get up and running with Microsoft Publisher's user-friendly and engaging interface. No matter whether you are new to Microsoft Publisher or would like to find out new hints and puzzles, we have everything under control for you. We have Microsoft Certified Coaches teaching all of our Microsoft Publisher classes. Find out more in the New Horizons Ireland Publisher Courses:

Microsofts Publisher Training & Certifications

You can use Microsoft Publisher to help you design and personalise a broad variety of publication and promotional material, which includes printing, web and e-mail. Produce compelling, visual, professional publication without spending a lot of your own budget and effort on a complex desk top publication solution. The latest release for Windows, Publisher 2016 offers all the functions and capabilities you've come to expect from Office 2016.

Aren't we close to one of our sites? Take the same classroom courses from the comfort of your home or office computer via our Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI?) tech. to see certain places and data of early warning categories. We' ve received large orders to move tens of millions of users from previous Office releases to the latest one.

Businesses can choose from our cutting-edge education offerings including demonstrations, previews, individual theme-workshop, hands-on meetings and more. Enterprises with several branches, which would like to accomplish a piece of equipment migrations, particularly appreciate our Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI?) equipment. This enables us to conduct simultaneous face-to-face trainings at each of its sites and thus ensure uniform education of all staff.

For more information on Office migration trainings, click here.

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