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Professional Office XP with Publisher Version 2002. For a screenshot of Microsoft Office 2010, see Steve Johnson. Office 2010 Microsoft Office 2010 Office 2010 Office 2010 Office 2010 is an overwhelmingly compelling update, but probably only indispensable for corporate clients who need the new collaborative capabilities...

.. 64 bit versions enable large amounts of Excel files. The Lightweight Office Web Apps (not yet tested) allow you to edit in a web browsing environment. There are no upgrades.

The Office 2010 is an overwhelmingly compelling update, but probably only for business users who need the new collaborative capabilities. The fine-tuning of Office 2010 has been completed by Microsoft, and business users can either purchase it through a reseller or start downloading a free 60-day evaluation version (via TechNet) starting May 12 (the packaged editions will be on the shelf in June).

Need the new release? So if you are a home or small businesses users of Office 2007 ($399. 95 directly, ), the response is: probably not. The Office 2010 test report shows that the latest release offers enough new amenities and enhancements that you'll probably need at least for Office 2010 - something that wasn't the case with every Office update.

There are three types of user who should consider Office 2010 a major upgrade: anyone who produces visually appealing documentation and presentation; anyone who purchases an entire company's own applications (especially if that company needs collaborative and share tools); and anyone who needs the new 64-bit interoperability that allows them to build spreadsheets that are even larger than the 2GB 32-bit Excel mark.

The 99 Professional Editions von Office 2010, die Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access und OneNote enthält. Private and small businesses will be most interested in the $279. 99 Office Home and Editions of Office 2010 (excluding Publisher and Access) and the $149. 99 Office Home and Student (excluding Publisher, Access and Outlook) versions.

Other more expensive business and organization versions contain SharePoint server and other collaborative tooling. This is the first year Microsoft does not provide an Office 2010 Office update price; you must purchase either a full copy or a purchase "Product Keys Card" that includes an eligibility code (no DVDs or packaging) that will be used to activate a free Office 2010 evaluation copy.

This does not mean that there are no free updates; if you purchased Office 2007 on or after March 5, 2010, you are eligible for a free update to Office 2010. And of course, you don't have to spend any money for office-like features. OpenOffice. org works similar to Office 2010 and is free.

Unfortunately, however, it has a bulky user surface and generally lacking the polishing of the last few Microsoft Office versions. In contrast to Office 2007, which launched a new ribbon control system, which has proven to be contentious among customers, 2010 will see a sharp lack of lessons learned. Meanwhile, those who took the leap in 2007 are feeling at home with the Ribbon.

Office 2010 enhances the Ribbon by providing an ability to build customized tabbed pages that contain only the most frequently used utilities. It' still not perfected because Microsoft lets you select from a small subset of built-in command symbols that you want to include in the mribar - old Office releases in front of the mribar let you select your own symbols when you want to include them in a command bar.

The Office 2010 is an overwhelmingly compelling update, but probably only for corporate clients who need the new collaborative capabilities.

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