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Word has many features that make it easy to create eBooks. Use styles to format an eBook or update its formatting to work on another platform. The References tool allows you to automatically create a table of contents. Pre-engineered Ebook Creator . doc requirements: Creating your own ebook can be easy & inexpensive.

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Would you like to get free eBooks? By introducing Windows Server 2016 containers we are opening up a whole range of possibilities that will take legacy stand-alone apps on a trip to modernise them for greater flexibility. Designed for this new paradigm, SQL Server 2016 is designed to help organizations overcome today's upsets.

Select an eBook format: Developing and understand a roadmap for developing your applications on the move is an important step for today's developers who are opening up new businesses or enabling people to be more prolific with new features. The ebook delineates this end-to-end end-to-end technology and tool choice for organisations for a portable applications creation environment and for the fast deployment of portable applications.

Select an eBook format: Windows Server has supported a whole range of business, from small to large companies. Regardless of your area of specialization, this guide presents the latest advances in Windows Server 2016. Every section has been created by professionals or members of the Windows Server family and contains the latest information about each enhancement or new function that is available in this release of Windows Server.

Select an eBook format: See how SQL Server in Azure is similar to SQL Server in a local area and how they differ. Authors, a Azure. com media leads you through the process of starting with SQL Server in an Azure VM and Azure SQL Database.

Explore the many screen shots to take a test pass, build SQL Server in an agire VM, build an agire SQL repository, move a local repository to any agire enviroment, build a user, back up and recover files, and store them. Select an eBook format: Select an eBook format: Immerse yourself in Windows 10 with award-winning Windows expert and writer Ed Bott in this free, cutting-edge eBook that includes the key applications, add-ons, and tools that come with Windows 10.

There is a wealth of Windows applications and add-ons that tell you a great deal about the performance and sophistication of Windows - a fact every IT professional knows at first hand. There is a single instrument for almost every job, and a big part of the Windows experts part of the job is to find the right one when you need it.

The eBook contains a description and practical suggestions to help IT pros work more quickly and intelligently. A number of these utilities are equally suitable for all types of user and expert, others are exclusively for the pro. Select an eBook format: Gain a competitive edge in implementing Windows 10 with expert hints and best practice.

Select an eBook format: The Azure Web Apps for Developers" program is focused on delivering critical information about the development of web apps hosting on Azure Web Apps. New to Azure Web Apps, this is your perfect work. For those with Azure Web App development expertise, this guide is also suitable for you, as it contains functions and utilities that are new to the market.

Select an eBook format: As part of a set of System Center specialist tutorials, this volume will help you streamline your System Center Data Protection Manager workspace. Select an eBook format: Featuring new Windows 10 functionality and functionality, this guidebook from award-winning Windows specialist and editor Ed Bott provides a handy resource management resource for IT pros who are now up and running.

Compiled after the November 2015 launch of Windows 10 1511, this editions contains all company-specific functionality. With a focus on what is new in Windows 10 that is different from the Windows releases you and your business use today, the aim of this guide is to help you find out what's new in Windows 10, beginning with an OS snapshot, a description of the many changes to the users experiences, and a deeper insight into how to deploy and manage where it's needed.

Select an eBook format: Find out how you can improve your Operations Manager enviroment and better comprehend the inner life of the solution - even if you are an experienced Operations Manager Admin. Select an eBook format: This 1200-page ebook, authored by legend Charles Petzold, is a depth-diving resource for C# developers who want to create apps with a unique codebase that is targeted at the three most common portable platforms: iPhone, Android and Windows, including the Universal Windows Platform and Windows Phone.

Select an eBook format: Built on the definitive Windows Server 2012 R2 Releases to Manufacture (RTM) softwares, this guidebook presents new functionality and skills, with scenario-based hints on how the solution can address your organization's needs. Select an eBook format: Azure' s basics, which you need to get started immediately with the development of a solution, are covered in this text.

The focus is on the functions of the Azure platforms that you need to know best, rather than all the functions and services available on the platforms. It also includes some complete solutions to help you build your own VM and VMs, as well as VMs, Web sites, and disk space account.

Many cases include practical hints to help you get the most out of your Ayurvedic experiences. As well as Azure's key features, this guide introduces general utilities for building and maintaining Azure-based workflows. Select an eBook format: Gain a competitive edge in Windows 8 evaluation.

1 - with early technological knowledge of the award-winning journalists and Windows experts Ed Bott. Featuring new functionality and skills, this hands-on, high-level view for IT experts who are now able to start scheduling. Select an eBook format: This eBook contains 20 sections and 4 attachments. We look forward to welcoming you to the Windows Reimagine environment!

Select an eBook format: Select an eBook format: Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo help you make your information come alive by turning your company's information into images that you can gather and organise so you can concentrate on what is most important to you. Select an eBook format: The eBook addresses a wide range of issues that form the basis of the software-defined datacentre: virtualisation, retention and network.

Select an eBook format: The eBook covers some of the issues and issues that can arise when deploying, managing, and debugging software updates with Configuration Manager 2012 R2. Select an eBook format: Automation and Service Management Automation. Select an eBook format: Select an eBook format: The second in a line of SharePoint hybrids, this guide shows you how to set up, debug, and maintain a SharePoint hybridsystem.

When you configure a SharePoint hybride ecosystem, you will quickly discover that a handbook is required to make a success of your SharePoint deployments. Select an eBook format: Download this free eBook to see how you can enhance the report functionality in System Center Operations Manager. Find out how to generate these customized summaries and group them into provisioning managements packages.

Select an eBook format: Select an eBook format: Select an eBook format: Gain a comprehensive view of System Center 2012 R2 - and begin redesigning your data center and streamlining your enterprise in the clouds. Select an eBook format: As part of a set of System Center specialty tutorials, this guide provides a targeted view of the development of Orchestrator runsheets for workflows.

Select an eBook format: As part of a set of System Center specific tutorials - this guide provides a targeted overview of how to use Configuration Manager for query and user-defined reports, with scenario-based tutorials for successful implementation. Select an eBook format: As part of a set of System Center tutorials, this guide concentrates on key App Controller implementation and management challenges for hybrids across the world.

Select an eBook format: As part of a set of System Center specialty tutorials, this guide covers the most frequent issues for Configuration Manager admins and provides inside and on-site insight to help you achieve success. Select an eBook format: As part of a set of specialist System Center tutorials, this guide provides a frame for designing and executing a succesful Service Manager program.

Select an eBook format: That' s how SQL Server 2014 integrates in-memory technologies to improve the efficiency of on-line transaction handling (OLTP) and datawarehouse applications. Select an eBook format: This ebook enables ALM Rangers to manage best practice management of fulfillment requests and dispatch in a more responsive, transparent, simple and trustworthy world.

This ebook is for Agile developer crews and their Scrum Masters who want to benefit from the "dogfooding" experience of the writers and their ongoing adjustment of our SWRMS. Select an eBook format: This Preview 2 ebook introduces three new safety features: Select an eBook format: Select an eBook format:

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