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Purchase Origami Architecture (brochure & Download) Create detailled mock-ups of your favourite icon building with this simple and fun book! Maestro Papier craftsman and outstanding Yee designers, bringing originami folder of this exceptional box architectonic craftsmanship e-book, which awakens some of the world's most acclaimed masterpieces of architecture to the forefront. When Yee was a kid in Hong Kong, she began to fold papers.

With the help of this book you can make a portfolio, some of his best works. Constructed once, the stationery can be presented in 3-D on a desk or shelves, or they can be flatfolded for ease of storing and transported in a pocket or portfolio to show your family.

Included in this orgami ebook: Because there is no need for complex trimming or drawing, the originami styles are easy enough to be regarded as originami for children designs and are a good opportunity for those who have no prior knowledge of pleating and learning it. ORIGAMIA Architecture contains fold-out downloads that provide you with all the necessary material to start building the model.

Fa├žade design is oriented towards the actual building structure. Ornamental detail is dyed blackened to minimize incision, but for those who like it, the blackened detail can be eliminated, making the structure of the papers even more breathtaking. Among the originami products are:

Page to Word Template > Brochures > Catalogue "Booklet

Page to Word Template > Brochures > Catalogue "Booklet for Goods and Services" I have download the "Booklet for Goods and Services" under New > Brochures and Brochures > Catalogues. I' d like to introduce two pages to enlarge the number of products/services I can put in the catalogue. I' ve tried to insert two empty pages and then copy the product/service tables to the empty pages.

If I look at the documents in the printing layouts, it looks good. But when I am printing the page, the last page is not printed in the right order (along with the first page). I' ve deleted the two new pages and tried to add 2 pages by cropping and inserting without inserting empty pages.

Can I not change the templates (i.e. I cannot create any more pages)? The number of pages must be increased to a factor of four when the page is selected for "Book Fold".

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