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Like most authors, I can use Microsoft Word! In this article we talk about the original software package. See The Creative Writer for the book series. Usually because the software is very easy to use, but very difficult to control. I am a student of software engineering and was finally forced to use it.

About Scrivener?

This is one of the first things some authors ask when they learn about Scrivener: "I need special writing software to create my book. Why? Like most authors, I can use Microsoft World! Scrivener is not required - nor is Microsoft Office required. Text processing programs like Microsoft Office are so omnipresent that we see them as little more than just electronic hard copy and have little to think about the benefits they offer over hard copy and inks.

Yet, at some point during the development of text processing, someone was looking at a typing machine and thinking, "What if I could reverse my errors? But what if I could add the missing words? That' s what good software does: it picks up the things we do and gives us more power over them, or combinations them in new and useful ways.

They were writing and typing great works of artwork before text processing came - but text processing made the job much simpler. He may not be able to find a new attitude to a subject or to shoot the pitch perfectly, but it eliminates some of the rubbing from the actual act of writing.

However, text processing companies are mainly involved in the input and display of originals. They do not contain any of the sort of tool used by many authors of literature and other long text - index maps, cork boards, memos, contours, research-material. Just as Microsoft and its environment revolutionized typewriter technology, Scrivener is bringing these features together and integrating them into the writing experience in new ways that are not possible in the analog environment.

While a text processor's main tool focuses on presentations, Scrivener's main tool focuses on the contents. There is a beautiful part of The Agony and the Ego, an essay book by authors about writing, in which the writer Hilary Mantel explains her writing proces. She can now see which parts of her book "have composed themselves" and which need more time.

Hilary Mantel is not a Scrivener practitioner to the best of my ability (her paper was authored by Scrivener a few years before she was born), but this is exactly the digital ization and integration of the Scrivener process: If I could keep all my research together with my letter and watch it on the side?

Why do you need Scrivener to create your book when you can just use Word? They will still be typed without scrivener, just as they are typed without Word (and there are still many authors who still choose to use a typing machine or typewriter). However, for many of us - especially the messier ones like myself - the software can help, and while Word makes typing easy, Scrivener provides extra help by incorporating functions for scheduling, writing and organizing long text.

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